Memorandum of Understanding signed by ASTRI and Deloitte to Foster Long-Term Joint Efforts Developing Technology Ecosystem

[Hong Kong, 26 October 2022] ASTRI and Deloitte announced a new cooperation in the form of The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU formalises the mutual interaction and strengthens the existing relationship between ASTRI and Deloitte to foster long-term joint efforts developing the technology ecosystem via technology research, technology commercialisation, talent development and marketing initiatives.

Technology Research and Commercialization
ASTRI and Deloitte would engage in joint research projects and maximise the usage of ASTRI’s existing intellectual property (IP) where deemed appropriate.

Also, leveraging Deloitte’s extensive experience and expertise in local and global business environment, leading industry trends, as well as digital strategy and operation, Deloitte will participate as a system integrator for ASTRI’s research and development projects with ASTRI’s expert background technology support where deemed compatible and appropriate.

Talent Development and Marketing Initiatives
From talent development to marketplace program, ASTRI and Deloitte share a common vision to cultivate FinTech talents in Hong Kong and promote cross-disciplinary collaborations and exchanges to build a strong Fintech ecosystem.

The rising demand for FinTech professionals in day-to-day business, many organizations today need to be future-ready and equip more young talents with a wide range of skills and knowledge, from technology to business, and from strategy to regulations.

ASTRI will support Deloitte by providing technical training to Deloitte’s young talents; while Deloitte will support ASTRI with FinTech professional trainers for the FinTech talent nurturing programme initiated by the City University of Hong Kong on their FinTech Olympiad 2023 where ASTRI is appointed as the strategic partner of the event.

The upcoming the Insurer of the Future Summit 2022 also marks the beginning of ASTRI and Deloitte’s partnership in a series of FinTech marketing activities. Starting in November 2022, Deloitte will act as a significant partner organization for ASTRI in a series of FinTech related marketing and promotion activities for a period of 2 years.

Dr. Denis Yip, Chief Executive Officer of ASTRI is excited about the collaboration, “This is a long-term commitment. By deepening our collaboration with Deloitte, we are taking another major step in developing the technology ecosystem. Our common goal is to further strengthen our competitiveness through leveraging each other’s competencies and experience. We look forward to creating remarkable impact from this collaboration in the near future.”

Deloitte China’s Southern Region Managing Partner Mr Edward Au commented, “Closer, cross-disciplinary collaborations within the FinTech ecosystem play a significant role to support the fast-growing industry, which is key to reimagine financial services and maintain Hong Kong’s status as an international financial center. As part of Deloitte’s INspire HK strategy, this partnership demonstrates our deep commitment to support Hong Kong’s financial industry and FinTech innovation.”

Mr Alan Cheung, Senior Director, Trust and AI Technologies of ASTRI and Mr Robert Lui, Deloitte China Government Affairs Southern Region Leader added, ASTRI and Deloitte share the same aspiration to empower the next FinTech generation and make strategic impacts to Hong Kong and the world. With this long-term strategic collaboration, we look forward to further facilitating knowledge transfer and accelerating technological innovation within the thriving innovation and technology ecosystem of Hong Kong.