New Industrialisation and Intelligent Manufacturing
Technologies and Researches

New Industrialisation and Intelligent Manufacturing

Focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, New Industrialisation and Intelligent Manufacturing is one of the six pillars in ASTRI’s R&D strategy. New Industrialisation and Intelligent Manufacturing is all about making production faster, easier and more efficient. Hong Kong, as an emerging smart city in the modern age, relies on Intelligent Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics to make R&D possibilities feasible. Without these, production processes would be significantly less effective. The application of AI and robotics into the production lines means that manufacturing will be more reliable, less demanding, and infinitely more accessible.

ASTRI develops a number of advanced platforms, tools and solutions that can help transform the industrial sector. By continuing to develop and apply artificial intelligence to production processes, ASTRI’s sophisticated and advanced technologies help to create inter-connected, fully digital smart factories, enabling businesses to streamline their operations, work more efficiently, and be kinder to the environment.


Research Areas & Focus

Machine Vision

3D/2D Defect Inspection

Intelligent Industry Robot: 3D Vision & Cognition

Augment Reality Display for Intelligent Manufacturing

Cyber-Physical Systems

Model-Based Systems Engineering for the Design, Synthesis and Validation of Mission-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems of Smart Factory in Industry 4.0


Integrated device modules for manufacturing process, robot and environmental sensing

Intelligent Energy /Power Electronics

One-stop product development and service from design, materials, manufacturing processes to performance evaluation and small volume production, etc.

5G + TSN (Time Sensitive Network) System

The solution delivers a deterministic network for "5G Smart Industrial", realising Industrial 4.0 transformation towards a fully 5G connected factories

5G Cloud Robotics

Perception and High Precision Positioning

Location Service enabled 5G System