Code of conduct, social responsibility and whistleblowing policy

Code of conduct, social responsibility and whistleblowing policy

Code of Conduct

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) has compiled a detailed Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct which sets out the basic principles that guide the behaviour of all employees of the company in the areas such as accepting gifts, handling confidential information and avoiding conflict of interest. It spells out acts which the company considers unacceptable. It is made available to all staff via internal communication channels.

All ASTRI employees are expected to follow the guidelines and uphold high standards of integrity in their performance of duties in ASTRI at all times.

Social Responsibility

As a responsible corporate citizen, ASTRI works to enrich people’s lives by not only delivering technologies that can eventually be transferred to industries in a cost-competitive way for creating economic impacts, but also acting in full recognition of its social and environmental responsibilities as an organisation.

In innovating and undertaking research, we are committed to enhancing contribution we make to society, sustaining economic performance and operating in an environmentally conscious and responsible manner. We try our best to minimise the impact of our business activities on the environment, wherever possible. We constructively engage stakeholders on any concerns that may arise, ensure that our outputs are subject to rigorous evaluation for health, safety, effectiveness and quality, and comply with or exceed all regulations and legal standards applicable to our activities and products.

At ASTRI, we value people. We treat our employees with respect and dignity, promote diversity within the workforce and ensure fair treatment through all phases of employment. We seek to provide a safe and healthy working environment, support employees to perform to their full potential, and encourage our workforce to take responsibility for the performance and reputation of the business.

Whistleblowing Policy

ASTRI is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity and protecting the public interest. This policy enables its staff members and relevant external parties to report any misconduct by ASTRI’s employees or malpractices in ASTRI’s operations on a confidential basis, without fear of reprisal or retaliation. Such reports may be related to actual or perceived violations of ASTRI’s company policies and procedures, legal or regulatory requirements, fraudulent activities or misrepresentations of financial statements and records or any matters mentioned in the Policy.