Smart City
Technologies and Researches

Smart City

With Hong Kong strive to become one of the first-movers in adopting 5G technology, people, devices, knowledge and data are all going to be more interconnected than they have ever been. The research and development of cutting-edge communications technologies and solutions for both pre-5G and 5G wireless systems promises to revolutionise the way people communicate with each other ─ and, after commercialising our products and letting them reach the market, could potentially unlock a whole new world of unlimited possibilities in the smart future.

ASTRI combines its ICT talents with sensors, intelligence, and next generation network and security technologies to improve the way the city operates, shares information and, ultimately, improves the quality of life for its residents. ASTRI develops various tools and platforms by which Smart City technologies can seamlessly communicate with one another. This will lead to increased functionality in AI-assisted technologies and, with that, the possibility of an improved quality of life for Hong Kong residents ─ who could, in a few years’ time, be living symbiotically in a city that not only houses them, but also helps them to thrive.

Research Areas & Focus

Smart Connectivity




5G and beyond technologies

Smart Mobility

2D/3D Geographic Information System (GIS)

Heads up display for vehicle

Vehicle communication

Gantry-free Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system

Smart living

IoT management platform

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Glass free 3D display

Health technology

DC power building

Green energy storage systems

Object detection

Education technology

Construction technology

Object authentication