Digital Health
Technologies and Researches

Digital Health

ASTRI has made breakthroughs in fields like biomedical imaging that have opened up new routes in medical sciences that could better treat patients, and even save lives. Our Digital Health strategy aims to increase the efficiency of healthcare services, enhance and personalise medical services, and ultimately improve the quality of people’s lives. Through new applications in areas like preventative health monitoring, medical diagnosis and medical computing, ASTRI aims to help the growth and improvement in Hong Kong’s healthcare industry and positively influence the city’s technological competence – for the benefit of its people.

Many of our innovations – such as Telehealth Technology Platform, Tracking and Monitoring for the elderly, Intelligent Preventive Healthcare System, and non-invasive health screening devices ─ have been adopted by hospitals, care centres and other healthcare service providers.

Research Areas & Focus

Miniaturised Diagnostic Devices

Low cost, remotely navigated capsule video endoscope

Video laryngoscope with streaming functionality

Disposable high definition flexible endoscope

Patients health monitoring

Medical Image Analytics

Digital pathology whole slide imaging analysis

Capsule endoscopy video analysis

Real-time endoscopy video processing

Bioinformatics Computing

Next generation sequencing data analytics

Phenotype and genotype association

Medical big data analytics