Call for proposal

Call for proposal

Call For Proposals exercise will be closed on 19 July 2024

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) is now inviting proposals for the following technology themes under the Innovation and Technology Support Programme Platform Scheme (ITFS- Platform)

We process funding applications for research and development projects on a quarterly basis and accept applications year-round. To enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness through applied research and to promote collaborations among universities, R&D institutions, and industries to facilitate the I&T ecosystem in Hong Kong. ASTRI is particularly receptive to research proposals towards the following core area(s) in this period:

  1. Smart City;
    1. Realistic Avatar Content Generation with Diffusion Technologies
  2. Smart Mobility;
    1. Autonomous Transportation Modelling, Planning and Verification System

In alignment with ASTRI’s mission, prospective applicants should emphasize the importance of “Research development and commercialization impact” in their R&D proposals.

ASTRI processes finalized funding applications on a quarterly basis. As initial project concepts might take several months to translate into a fully finalized funding application, prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to contact us early and engage in a discussion about their project ideas. If you have an idea or questions, please contact us below.


Application Procedures

For application and submission procedures, please click here.


Deadline for Applications

The deadline for application is on 19 July 2024, 3:00 pm (Hong Kong Time).


Contact Persons

Mr. Wilson Chan

E-mail: [email protected]