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Granting Date
1Ink cartridge for printer *D6487852011-11-15IOTSEN
2Bulkhead Lamp Exterior Design *D6496732011-11-29IOTSEN
3Systems and methods for managing wireless communications using link space information73665192008-04-29COM
4Multiband branch radiator antenna element69752782005-12-13COM
5Wideband shorted tapered strip antenna68763342005-04-05COM
6System and method for providing multimedia wireless message across a broad range and diversity of networks and user terminal display equipment87322392014-05-20AIBD
7Low cost, multi-beam, multi-band and multi-diversity antenna systems and methods for wireless communications70754852006-06-11COM
8Method for reducing bit rate requirements for encoding multimedia data77064402010-04-27AIBD
9Systems and methods for wireless network range extension74284282008-09-23COM
10WLAN Access Point with Extended Coverage Area82804432012-10-02COM
11Security Gatekeeper for a Packetized Voice Communication Network77424632010-06-22AIBD
12Authentic Device Admission Scheme for a Secure Communication Network, Especially a Secure IP Telephony Network78364882010-11-16AIBD
13Intelligent Switching for Secure and Reliable Voice-over-IP PBX Service79205482011-04-05AIBD
14Transmission Power Control Over a Wireless Ad-hoc Network76931192010-04-06COM
15Multi-hop routing method with bandwidth reservation in wireless network77200162010-05-18COM
16Photo-Detectors and Optical Devices Incorporating Same73098542007-12-18IOTSEN
17Opto-Electronic Device for Optical Fibre Applications74103062008-08-12IOTSEN
18Optical Receiver with a Modulated Photo-Detector75926152009-09-22IOTSEN
19Driver for an Optical Transmitter76399542009-12-29IOTSEN
20Auto-regressive method and filter for denoising image and videos76571132010-02-02CCT
21Light emitting device with at least two alternately driven light emitting diodes76595442010-02-09IOTSEN
22Light Emitting Device76595462010-02-09IOTSEN
23Light Emitting Device74742872009-01-06IOTSEN
24Meander feed structure antenna systems and methods72860902007-10-23COM
25IC packages with internal heat dissipation structures80314842011-10-04ICS
26Heat Exchange Enhancement74402802008-10-21IOTSEN
27Heat Exchange Enhancement75932292009-09-22IOTSEN
28Efficient lighting75862712009-09-08IOTSEN
29Efficient lighting72949782007-11-13IOTSEN
30Systems and methods for using parasitic elements for controlling antenna resonances76969282010-04-13COM
31Monitoring devices and intrusion surveillance devices74142362008-08-19IOTSEN
32Miniature Balanced Antenna with Differential Feed74534022008-11-18COM
33Semiconductor light emitting device78299052010-11-09IOTSEN
34Backlight device and liquid crystal display incorporating the backlight device82282722012-07-24IOTSEN
35Configurable SIMD processor instruction specifying index to LUT storing information for different operation and memory location for each processing unit74410992008-10-21ICS
36Multi Mode Antenna System76161582009-11-10COM
37Stacked Multi-Chip Package with EMI Shielding75147742009-04-07ICS
38Data Communication Interface and Communication Devices Incorporating Same80654622011-11-22COM
39Light emitting diode device, and manufacture and use thereof78001222010-09-21IOTSEN
40Methods of making an electronic component package and semiconductor chip packages82419662012-08-14ICS
41Antenna systems with ground plane extensions and method for use thereof75354312009-05-19COM
42Systems and methods using ground plane filters for device isolation76299302009-12-08COM
43High Speed Context Memory Implementation for H.26474433182008-10-28CCT
44LED Assembly and use thereof74826322009-01-27IOTSEN
45Low cost multi-beam, multi-band and multi-diversity antenna systems and methods for wireless communications75255042009-04-28COM
46Optical tilt monitoring apparatus77335062010-06-08IOTSEN
47Light-emitting devices and lens therefor76885262010-03-30IOTSEN
48Light-emitting devices and lens therefor76077922009-10-27IOTSEN
49Remote Control Lighting Assembly And Use Thereof80133472011-09-06IOTSEN
50Backlighting apparatus and manufacturing process76077902009-10-27IOTSEN
51Light emitting assembly with heat dissipation structure80429782011-10-25IOTSEN
52Optical Displacement Sensor and Distance Measuring Apparatus76840532010-03-23IOTSEN
53Light Emitting Diode Device, Method of Fabricating a Light Emitting Diode Device and use thereof78473062010-12-07IOTSEN
54Semiconductor device having current spreading layer78343732010-11-16IOTSEN
55Optical sensing methods and apparatus76719722010-03-02IOTSEN
56Total internal reflection side emitting coupling device78417392010-11-30IOTSEN
57Method and apparatus for debinarization of digital video data during decoding75185362009-04-14CCT
58Light guiding strip and backlight module and display using the same78284722010-11-09IOTSEN
59Ultra-wideband/dualband broadside-coupled coplanar stripline balun77729412010-08-10COM
60Recordable electrical memory78131582010-10-12IOTSEN
61Recordable electrical memory78598832010-12-28IOTSEN
62Light emitter assembly77010552010-04-20IOTSEN
63Method of super flat chemical mechanical polishing technology and semiconductor elements produced thereof84151862013-04-09IOTSEN
64Methods and apparatus for backlight calibration80448992011-10-25IOTSEN
65Method of displaying a low dynamic range image in a high dynamic range82079312012-06-26IOTSEN
66Miniaturized orthogonal antenna system78127832010-10-12COM
67Image display device and method82430072012-08-14IOTSEN
68Lighting device76632292010-02-16IOTSEN
69Actuator for linear motion and tilting motion77250142010-05-25IOTSEN
70Feedback Controller having Multiple Feedback Paths79482242011-05-24ICS
71Auto White Balancing by Modified Grey World and Geometric Distortion Measurement78007832010-09-21AIBD
72Low Complexity Color De-noising Filter79039002011-03-08AIBD
73Method of simultaneously providing data to two or more devices on the same network80511452011-11-01AIBD
74Low-Voltage Oscillator with Capacitor-Ratio Selectable Duty Cycle and Single-Input Sub-Threshold-Conducting Comparators to S-R Latch77056852010-04-27ICS
75Optoelectronic distance sensor77015672010-04-20IOTSEN
76Optical element and backlight module having the same79223672011-04-12IOTSEN
77Method and apparatus for identification of wheels of a vehicle and a vehicle comprising same78606342010-12-28ICS
78Gain Control Circuit76597802010-02-09ICS
79Low-Voltage Synchronous Oscillator for DC-DC Converter76562402010-02-02ICS
80Fuse Cell and Method for Programming Same75385972009-05-26ICS
81Zero-Delay Buffer with Common-Mode Equalizer for Input and Feedback Differential Clocks into a Phase-Locked Loop (PLL)75352722009-05-19ICS
82Method for enhancing an image displayed on an LCD device84003852013-03-19IOTSEN
83Illumination module, and a display and general lighting apparatus using the same77665332010-08-03IOTSEN
84Time division synchronous orthogonal frequency division multiplexing supporting frequency division multiple access80003982011-08-16COM
85Systems and methods for sampling frequency offset estimation80858602011-12-27COM
86Method for motion compensation80900312012-01-03AIBD
87Fabrication of recordable electrical memory78118802010-10-12IOTSEN
88Meander feed structure antenna systems and methods75254882009-04-28COM
89Concurrent IGRS-UPnP79625982011-06-14CCT
90Pulse-laser bonding method for through-silicon-via based stacking of electronic components81385772012-03-20ICS
91Method and device for order-16 integer transform from order-8 integer cosine transform82289832012-07-24AIBD
92Vertical light emitting diode and method of making a vertical light emitting diode78467532010-12-07IOTSEN
93Alumina substrate and method of making an alumina substrate80086822011-08-30IOTSEN
94Lens actuation device, optical system and camera78894452011-02-15IOTSEN
95Piezoelectric module for energy harvesting, such as in a tire pressure monitoring system80112372011-09-06ICS
96Device and method for participating in a peer-to-peer network82496382012-08-21AIBD
97Heat-Dissipating Reflector for Lighting Device78918422011-02-22IOTSEN
98Multi-chip Package78322782010-11-16ICS
99Semiconductor wafers and semiconductor devices with polishing stops and method of making the same83951682013-03-12IOTSEN
100Multi-drive Mechanism Lens Actuator82494402012-08-21IOTSEN
101LCD backlight dimming, LCD/image signal compensation and method of controlling an LCD display85141662013-08-20IOTSEN
102Bonding method for through-silicon-via based 3D wafer stacking80302082011-10-04ICS
103Bonding method for through-silicon-via based 3D wafer stacking76834592010-03-23ICS
104Angular-domain channel model and channel estimation80149812011-09-06COM
105Heat Exchange Enhancement76512532010-01-26IOTSEN
106Heat Exchange Enhancement78262142010-11-02IOTSEN
107Heat Exchange Enhancement78008982010-09-21IOTSEN
108Semiconductor chip with through-silicon-via and sidewall pad86744822014-03-18ICS
109Enhanced channel simulator for efficient antenna evaluation79413022011-05-10COM
110Digital image enhancement83113612012-11-13IOTSEN
111Light guiding strip and double-sided planar light apparatus77039632010-04-27IOTSEN
112Method and apparatus of de-interlacing video81652112012-04-24AIBD
113Systems and Method Employing Coupling Elements to Increase Antenna Isolation79737182011-07-05COM
114Direction finding antenna systems and methods for use thereof79242252011-04-12COM
115RF component with a superconducting area having higher current density than a non-superconducting area82389892012-08-07COM
116Low voltage high-output-driving CMOS voltage reference with temperature compensation77056622010-04-27ICS
117Low dropout voltage regulator with programmable on-chip output voltage for mixed signal embedded applications76194022009-11-17ICS
118LED light shaping device and illumination system80618572011-11-22IOTSEN
119Method of producing thin semiconductor structures79859712011-07-26IOTSEN
120Miniature actuator and Optical Apparatus77918272010-09-07IOTSEN
121Substrate warpage-reducing structure78794382011-02-01ICS
122Multi-stage comparator with offset canceling capacitor across secondary differential inputs for high-speed low-gain compare and high-gain auto-zeroing77642152010-07-27ICS
123Current-Mode-Controlled Current Sensor Circuit for Power Switching Converter77100942010-05-04ICS
124Miniature and multi-band RF coil design80568192011-11-15COM
125Single-Power-Transistor Battery-Charging Circuit Using Voltage-Boosted Clock79995122011-08-16ICS
126Dual-Use Comparator/Op Amp for Use as Both a Successive-Approximation ADC and DAC77419812010-06-22ICS
127Slew-rate-enhanced error amp with adaptive transconductance and single dominant pole shared by main and auxiliary amps77959762010-09-14ICS
128Method and apparatus for coding mode selection84983302013-07-30AIBD
129Integrated circuit modeling method and framework tool82051742012-06-19AIBD
130Method and apparatus for subpixel-based down-sampling83260502012-12-04AIBD
131Systems, methods, and computer program products for transmitting and/or receiving media streams81856502012-05-22CCT
132Synchronizing buffer map offset in peer-to-peer live media streaming systems80823562011-12-20CCT
133Method of data request scheduling in peer-to-peer sharing networks79919062011-08-02CCT
134Electronic package with stacked modules with channels passing through metal layers of the modules81944112012-06-05ICS
135Reduced instruction set television control system and method of use81301342012-03-06AIBD
136Channel estimation techniques for OFDM87375462014-05-27COM
137System and method for time synchronization of OFDM-based communications84519572013-05-28COM
138Methods for making quasi-vertical light emitting diodes79398472011-05-10IOTSEN
139Light emitting device package for temeperature detection80937882012-01-10IOTSEN
140Epitaxial Growth of III-IV Compounds on (111) Silicon for Solar Cells82993512012-10-30ICS
141System and Method for Content Distribution with Broadcast Encryption84683412013-06-18AIBD
142Lighting control system and method80812162011-12-20IOTSEN
143Lens Control Apparatus83631502013-01-29IOTSEN
144Method ofprocessing sequential infromation in packets streamed over a network83553382013-01-15AIBD
145Multiple antenna spatial multiplexing optimal detection82799652012-10-02COM
146Rollable and/or foldable antenna systems and methods for use thereof84216832013-04-16COM
147Method, system or apparatus for adjusting a brightness level associated with at least a portion of a backlight of a display device85141672013-08-20IOTSEN
148Apparatus and method for generating electricity using piezoelectric material79027272011-03-08ICS
149Variable Gain BiCMOS Amplifier81111052012-02-07COM
150Programmable Gain Amplifier with Embedded Filter80136722011-09-06COM
151Current-matching intermodulation suppression81655532012-04-24COM
152Vision treatment procedures and devices80024092011-08-23CCT
153ESD protection using a capacitivly-coupled clamp for protecting low-voltage core transistors from high-voltage outputs80727212011-12-06ICS
154Compact Imaging Device80314192011-10-04IOTSEN
155Hybrid analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with binary-weighted-capacitor sampling array and a sub-sampling charge-redistributing array for sub-voltage generation78127572010-10-12ICS
156Lighting control system and LED lamp83733602013-02-12IOTSEN
157Method and apparatus for adaptive quantization in digital video coding84518962013-05-28AIBD
158Coordinate Locating Method, Coordinate Locating Device, and Display Apparatus Comprising The Coordinate Locating Device84274432013-04-23IOTSEN
159Method and apparatus for code acquisition86936062014-04-08COM
160Coordinate locating method, coordinate locating device, and display apparatus comprising the coordinate locating device89376122015-01-20IOTSEN
161Remote control devices and methods84413882013-05-14AIBD
162Control of bit-rate and packet duplication in a real-time media stream83203642012-11-27AIBD
163Method and apparatus for zoom motion estimation81701102012-05-01AIBD
164Valve with radiating structure for a tire pressure monitoring system81862092012-05-29ICS
165Method and apparatus for improving video quality by utilizing a unified loop filter82598192012-09-04AIBD
166Method and apparatus for estimation of channel temporal correlation and MIMO mode selection in LTE system86441812014-02-04COM
167Printhead for thermal inkjet printing and the printing method thereof81919952012-06-05IOTSEN
168Image stabilization of compact imaging device86339912014-01-21IOTSEN
169Adjusting a brightness level of a backlight of a display device88907932014-11-18IOTSEN
170ACK/NACK detection in LTE PUSCH83151852012-11-20COM
171Method of error correction for a multicast message83971202013-03-12AIBD
172Apparatus for aligning electronic components85441652013-10-01ICS
173Self-Powered Electronic Label82619712012-09-11IOTSEN
174Constant-Current Control Module using Inverter Filter Multiplier for Off-line Current-Mode Primary-Side Sense Isolated Flyback Converter83004312012-10-30ICS
175Bi-directional trimming methods and circuits for a precise band-gap reference81938542012-06-05ICS
176Method and apparatus for automatic gain control in a TD-LTE system86442122014-02-04COM
177Channel estimation for long term evolution (LTE) terminals84626132013-06-11COM
178Method and apparatus for video coding by ABT-based just noticeable difference model85595112013-10-15AIBD
179Biaxial scanning mirror having resonant frequency adjustment80726642011-12-06IOTSEN
180Non-resonant Energy Harvesting Devices and Methods79361092011-05-03ICS
181Interactive projection device84348732013-05-07IOTSEN
182Optical Black-Level Cancellation for Optical Sensors Using Open-Loop Sample Calibration Amplifier81794552012-05-15ICS
183Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same82488032012-08-21IOTSEN
184Hybrid illumination system for head-up display84369522013-05-07IOTSEN
185Via and method of via forming and method of via filling82326262012-07-31ICS
186Light concentration and energy conversion system94828712016-11-01IOTSEN
187Systems and methods for binocular vision diagnosis and treatment83283542012-12-11CCT
188High temperature superconductor receiver coil magnetic resonance imaging systems and methods compatible with an infant incubator84107812013-04-02CCT
189Memory Efficient Implementation of LDPC Decoder88796402014-11-04COM
190NMOS-based feedback power-clamp for on-chip ESD protection83690542013-02-05ICS
191System and method for evaluating network transport effects on delivery of media content88258862014-09-02AIBD
192Compact Imaging Device85648962013-10-22IOTSEN
193Method and apparatus for MIMO scheduling86994072014-04-15COM
194Digital phase lock system with dithering pulse-width-modulation controller82481272012-08-21ICS
195Optimization of polishing stop design81879002012-05-29IOTSEN
196Compact imaging device having a laminated component86929322014-04-08IOTSEN
197Electric power generator with ferrofluid bearings85526072013-10-08IOTSEN
198Coordinate Locating Method and Apparatus87111252014-04-29IOTSEN
199LED package for uniform color emission83731832013-02-12IOTSEN
200Bootstrapped high-side driver control without static DC current for driving a motor bridge circuit82588522012-09-04ICS
201Programmable Electro-Magnetic-Interference (EMI) Reduction with Enhanced Noise Immunity and Process Tolerance81887982012-05-29ICS
202Gm-C filter tuning circuit based on relaxation oscillator83735022013-02-12COM
203System for NAND flash parameter auto-detection84178802013-04-09AIBD
204Apparatus for wind collection84617152013-06-11IOTSEN
205Compact Camera Module with Zoom and Auto-Focus Actuators Sharing the Same Rotating Annular Magnet with Alternating Thick and Thin Poles92178412015-12-22IOTSEN
206Forming through-silicon-vias for multi-wafer integrated circuits87545072014-06-17ICS
207Proximity based biometric identification systems and methods89881872015-03-24CCT
208Multiple-input touch panel and method for gesture recognition85762002013-11-05IOTSEN
209OFDM symbol structure for power line communication87612762014-06-24COM
210High optical efficiency CMOS image sensor82122972012-07-03ICS
211Systems and methods for managing wireless communications using link space information82803882012-10-02COM
212Vertical light emitting diode device structure and method of fabricating the same82220642012-07-17IOTSEN
213Self-powered impulse detection system with piezoelectric energy harvester80721222011-12-06ICS
214Deformable lens assembly91162952015-08-25IOTSEN
215Method and device for concentrating, collimating, and directing light88471422014-09-30IOTSEN
216LED phosphor ink composition for ink-jet printing83294852012-12-11IOTSEN
217Mutiple image projection apparatus84825492013-07-09IOTSEN
218Stub array microstrip line phase shifter88477022014-09-30COM
219Symmetrical partially coupled microstrip slot feed patch antenna element88907502014-11-18COM
220Methods for making quasi-vertical light emitting diodes82117212012-07-03IOTSEN
221Magnetic structure for Compact Imaging Device85937432013-11-26IOTSEN
222Ultra Low Voltage Multi-Stage High-Speed CMOS Comparator with Autozeroing82588642012-09-04ICS
223Charge Compensation Calibration for High Resolution Data Converter84161072013-04-09ICS
224Current-Switching LED Driver Using DAC to Ramp Bypass Currents to Accelerate Switching Speed and Reduce Ripple85815192013-11-12ICS
225Single-Power-Transistor Battery-Charging Circuit Using Voltage-Boosted Clock86433372014-02-04ICS
226Interchangeable Zoom Lens Actuator84284512013-04-23IOTSEN
227Omni reflective optics for wide angle emission LED light bulb86725122014-03-18IOTSEN
228Lighting device86294662014-01-14ICS
229High isolation single lambda antenna for dual communication systems90880732015-07-21IOTSEN
230Systems and methods for broadcast encryption optimization and scalability84833902013-07-09AIBD
231Adjusting a brightness level of a side emitting backlight display device using light spreading profiles91295652015-09-08IOTSEN
232Reduced Residual Offset Sigma Delta Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) with Chopper Timing at End of Integrating Phase before Trailing Edge84717442013-06-25ICS
233Configurable Cascading Sigma Delta Analog-to Digital Converter (ADC) for Adjusting Power and Performance84216602013-04-16ICS
234Parallel pipelined calculation of two calibration values during the prior conversion cycle in a successive-approximation-register analog-to-digital converter (SAR-ADC)84216582013-04-16ICS
235Blood pressure measuring device and method of calibrating thereof92048092015-12-08IOTSEN
236Method for summarizing video and displaying the summary in three-dimensional scenes87196872014-05-06AIBD
237Mount-free tire pressure monitoring system87236612014-05-13ICS
238System and method for content distribution with broadcast encryption86672722014-03-04AIBD
239Multi-dimensional image detection apparatus95074622016-11-29IOTSEN
240Adaptive Block-size Transform using LLMICT87193212014-05-06AIBD
241Polarization beam splitters for image projection apparatus88882902014-11-18IOTSEN
242Increased surface area electrical contacts for microelectronic packages87729302014-07-08ICS
243Halo reduction in frame-rate-conversion using hybrid bi-directional motion vectors for occlusion/disocclusion detection91486222015-09-29ICS
244CMOS Temperature Sensor with Sensitivity Set by Current-Mirror and Resistor Ratios without Limiting DC Bias88643772014-10-21ICS
245Output Current Estimation for an Isolated Flyback Converter with Variable Switching Frequency Control and Duty Cycle Adjustment for Both PWM and PFM Modes87805902014-07-15ICS
246Signature detection and timing offset estimation88373122014-09-16COM
247False alarm reduction with search windowing and peak suppression90016782015-04-07COM
248Multiple surface integrated devices on low resistivity substrates89072272014-12-09ICS
249Low cost backside illuminated CMOS image sensor package with high integration88231262014-09-02ICS
250Structured light for touch or gesture detection90920902015-07-28IOTSEN
251Compact imaging device87369882014-05-27IOTSEN
252Wafer-level device packaging91177152015-08-25ICS
253Method for optimizing electrodeposition process of a plurality of vias in wafer90759412015-07-07ICS
254Phosphor ink composition87852222014-07-22IOTSEN
255Apparatus, system, and method for temporal domain hole filling based on background modeling for view synthesis92358792016-01-12AIBD
256Scale changing detection and scaling ratio determination by using motion information90873782015-07-21AIBD
257Method and system for rapid three-dimensional shape measurement90304702015-05-12IOTSEN
258Op-Amp Sharing by Swapping Trans-Conductance Cells86434322014-02-04ICS
259Digital-to-analog converter (DAC) current cell with shadow differential transistors for output impedance compensation86435202014-02-04ICS
260Apparatus, system, and method for multi-patch based super-resolution from an image86759992014-03-18ICS
261Apparatus, system, and method for peer group formation for mobile devices by proximity sensing90553902015-06-09AIBD
262Multi-drive Mechanism Lens Actuator90021882015-04-07IOTSEN
263ESD power clamp using a low-voltage transistor to clamp a high-voltage supply in a mixed-voltage chip86439882014-02-04ICS
264Adaptive unified performance management (AUPM) with root cause and/or severity analysis for broadband wireless access networks92467472016-01-26COM
265High Reliability High Voltage Vertical LED Arrays85582542013-10-15IOTSEN
266Self-starting transistor-only full-wave rectifier for on-chip AC-DC conversion89644362015-02-24ICS
267Diode-less full-wave rectifier for low-power on-chip AC-DC conversion87977762014-08-05ICS
268Through-silicon via structure with patterned surface, patterned sidewall and local isolation87915782014-07-29ICS
269Method and system for performing data transfer with a flash storage medium90984912015-08-04ICS
270Systems and methods for image depth map generation92991522016-03-29AIBD
271Boundary-based high resolution depth mapping88919052014-11-18AIBD
272Anonymous Personal Content Access with Content Bridge88132062014-08-19CCT
273Perceptual bias level estimation for hand-drawn sketches in sketch-photo matching91049422015-08-11AIBD
274Interchangeable Zoom Lens Actuator With Auto-Focus Adjustment87378302014-05-27IOTSEN
275Phase-to-amplitude converter for direct digital synthesizer (DDS) with reduced AND and reconstructed ADD logic arrays90210022015-04-28ICS
276DC offset cancellation for a multi-stage amplifier88299892014-09-09COM
277Lens positioning structure for zoom lens94652002016-10-11IOTSEN
278Antennas using over-coupling for wide-band operation90770872015-07-07COM
279Low supply voltage bandgap reference circuit and method90867062015-07-21ICS
280Raman Signal Detection and Analysing System and a Method Thereof88790602014-11-04IOTSEN
281Amplitude-shift-keying (ASK) envelope detector and demodulation circuits87119822014-04-29ICS
282Methods and device for sensing a person's pulse in traditional chinese medicine94457322016-09-20IOTSEN
283High power dielectric carrier with accurate die attach layer91966022015-11-24ICS
284Partial CipherText Updates Using Variable-Length Segments Delineated by Pattern Matching and Encrypted by Fixed-Length Blocks92370142016-01-12CCT
285Method and Apparatus for Detecting a Preamble in a Received Signal88311502014-09-09COM
286Lighting device with omnidirectional light emission and efficient heat dissipation91340122015-09-15IOTSEN
287Electro-static-discharge (ESD) protection structure with stacked implant junction transistor and parallel resistor and diode paths to lower trigger voltage and raise holding volatge90545212015-06-09ICS
288Method and system for determining true touch points on input touch panel using sensing modules93671772016-06-14IOTSEN
289Method of on-the-fly image stitching89179512014-12-23AIBD
290Predictive focusing for image scanning systems91345232015-09-15AIBD
291Configurable dynamic load shedding method in distributed stream computing system94599292016-10-04AIBD
292Spatial scalable video coding using non-scalable video CODEC92199242015-12-22AIBD
293Interchangeable Zoom Lens Actuator with Auto-Focus Adjustment87927822014-07-29IOTSEN
294Composite material for a lithium ion battery anode and a method of producing the same94316512016-08-30ICS
295Partitioned Hybrid Substrate for Radio Frequency Applications90664242015-06-23ICS
296Deformable Surface Tracking in Augmented Reality Applications91471132015-09-29CCT
297Color-encoded fringe pattern for three-dimensional shape measurement94590942016-10-04IOTSEN
298Apparatus and method for focusing in fluorescence microscope88098092014-08-19AIBD
299Multi-lens imaging module and actuator with auto-focus adjustment94947692016-11-15IOTSEN
300An antenna circuit and a method of optimisation thereof92876242016-03-15ICS
301Integrated bi-sensing optical structure for head mounted display93609352016-06-07IOTSEN
302Touch and motion detection using surface map, object shadow and a single camera94294172016-08-30IOTSEN
303Method of detecting edge under non-uniform lighting background95199752016-12-13IOTSEN
304Image projector92980762016-03-29IOTSEN
305Single-body unit for pulse oximeter calibration94684032016-10-18IOTSEN
306System and Method for Detecting and Tracking Multiple Parts of an Object94368722016-09-06IOTSEN
307Multi-View Synthesis in Real-Time With Fallback to 2D from 3D to Reduce Flicker in Low or Unstable Stereo-Matching Image Regions94078962016-08-02ICS
308Additive for Electrodeposition92734072016-03-01ICS
309Method and system of incorporating passive-based proximity data for position determination92261142015-12-29CCT
310Method and apparatus for facial detection using regional similarity distribution analysis94368922016-09-06IOTSEN
311Compensation filter for cascaded-integrator-comb decimator93628902016-06-07COM
312Transmission-Reflectance Swappable Raman Probe for Physiological Detections92954202016-03-29IOTSEN
313Digitally-programmable gain amplifier with direct-charge transfer and offset cancellation91909612015-11-17ICS
314Memory Efficient Implementation of LDPC Decoder91062622015-08-11COM
315Method for performing a cell search in multiple antenna wireless systems92375132016-01-12COM
316Serial multi-battery charger with independent simultaneous charge and discharge93855422016-07-05ICS
317LED driver with small output ripple without requiring a high-voltage primary-side electrolytic capacitor93064612016-04-05ICS
318Area-efficient clamp for power ring ESD protection using a transmission gate93564422016-05-31ICS
319Amplitude shifted keyed (ASK) modulator/transmitter with fast fall time90200712015-04-28ICS
320Portable interactive whiteboard module94654862016-10-11IOTSEN
321Molded device with anti-delamination structure providing multi-layered compression forces93970532016-07-19ICS
322Asymmetric Edge Compensation of Both Anode and Cathode Terminals of a Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) Diode90544852015-06-09ICS
323Adaptive lock for a computing system having multiple runtime environments and multiple processing units94241032016-08-23COM
324Loading-Free Multi-Stage SAR-Assisted Pipeline ADC that Eliminates Amplifier Load by Re-Using Second-Stage Switched Capacitors as Amplifier Feedback Capacitor92194922015-12-22ICS
325Method and device for concentrating, collimating, and directing light94770712016-10-25IOTSEN
326ESD power clamp for silicon-on-insulator (SOI) and FinFET processes lacking parasitic ESD diode93059162016-04-05ICS
327Methods for frequency offset estimation with Zadoff-Chu sequences94910242016-11-08COM
328Encryption techniques for improved sharing and distribution of encrypted content93743732016-06-21CCT
329Quad-Array Diode-Less RF-to-DC Rectifying Charge-Pump Converter for Energy Harvesting93856252016-07-06ICS
330Method and apparatus for channel estimation in massive MIMO systems with dynamic training design95031642016-11-22COM
331Method and apparatus of channel estimation in multi-user massive MIMO systems94018242016-07-26COM
332Asynchronous successive-approximation-register analog-to-digital converter (SAR ADC) in synchronized system94849452016-11-01ICS
333Lens moving apparatus97030682017-07-11IOTSEN
334Message retrieving system with signal collision mitigation and a method thereof96805122017-06-13ICS
335Visual-experience-optimized super-resolution frame generator95478872017-01-17ICS
336Apparatus and method for fast evaluation of electroplating formulation performance in microvia filling96176532017-04-11ICS
337Method of analyzing at least two inhibitors simultaneously in a plating bath95750322017-02-21ICS
338Differential temperature sensor with sensitivity set by current-mirror and resistor ratios without limiting DC bias96385842017-05-02ICS
339Multi-location learning-activity state management for distance education96793402017-06-13AIBD
340Systems and methods for mitigation of self-interference in spectrally efficient full duplex communications96988362017-07-04COM
341Locally enhanced direct liquid cooling system for high power applications97132842017-07-18ICS
342Channel-quality estimation for a wireless channel97227582017-08-01COM
343Self-powered and battery-assisted CMOS wireless bio-sensing IC platform97062692017-07-11ICS
344Lateral-diode, vertical-SCR hybrid structure for high-level ESD protection96405232017-05-02ICS
345Method and a gateway node for reducing paging traffic in a wireless communication system97131202017-07-18COM
346Low-headroom constant current source for high-current applications96616952017-05-23ICS
347Harmonics suppression circuit for a switch-mode power amplifier96411412017-05-02ICS
348Base station selection in ultra dense network handover scenarios96485392017-05-09COM
349Method and system of identification and authentication using facial expression96197232017-04-11CCT
350Three dimensional fully molded power electronics module having a plurality of spacers for high power applications97048192017-07-11ICS
351Fast density estimation method for defect inspection application98469292017-12-19IOTSEN
352High resolution (HR) panorama generation without ghosting artifacts using multiple HR images mapped to a low resolution 360-degree image98119462017-11-07ICS
353Lens moving apparatus99102412018-03-06IOTSEN
354Non-invasive Measurement of Skin and Glucose Concentraion with Raman Spectroscopy and Method of Calibration Thereof99248942018-03-27IOTSEN
355Wavelet-based Image Decolorization and Enhancement98584952018-01-02AIBD
356Systems and methods for time synchronization between transmitters and receivers in a communication system99125112018-03-06ICS
357Systems and methods for frequency synchronization between transmitters and receivers in a communication system99125122018-03-06ICS
358Timing Offset Estimation in an OFDM-based System by SINR Measurement98608612018-01-02COM
359Wearable Device with Intelligent User-Input Interface98579192018-01-02IOTSEN
360Vehicle detection, tracking and localization based on enhanced anti-perspective transformation99284262018-03-27AIBD
361Method and Device for Tonometric Blood Pressure Measurement99310762018-04-03IOTSEN
362Method for Managing Multiple Windows on a Screen for Multiple Users, and Device and System Using the Same99549272018-04-24AIBD
363Linear-in-dB, Low-Voltage, Programmable/Variable Gain Amplifier (PGA) Using Recursive Current Division99669132018-05-08ICS
364Method and System for Enhancing Accuracy in Location and Proximity Determination99492262018-04-17COM
365Fast Coarse Tune and Fine Tune Calibration for a Synthesizer by Multi-Curve Calibration within a Target Window99545432018-04-24ICS
366Gain Calibration for Direct Modulation Synthesizer Using a Look-Up Table Searched by a Reduced Count from an Overflow Counter99356402018-04-03ICS
367Alternate Plating and Etching Processes for through Hole Filling99911612018-06-05ICS
368Apparatus and A Method For Inspecting A Light Transmissive Optical Component99708842018-05-15IOTSEN
369Method of determining stiffness index of an arterial network and System thereof100582552018-08-28IOTSEN
370Systems and methods for using high probability area and availability probability determinations for white space channel identification100452372018-08-07COM
371Method and apparatus of topological pilot decontamination for massive MIMO systems100633962018-08-28COM
372Closed-loop massive MIMO system architecture100444202018-08-07COM
373Optimized deployment of BLE network and power efficient and secure management of data exchange between BLE devices100390572018-07-31COM
374Method and system for jointly determining computational offloading and content prefetching in a cellular communication system100372312018-07-31AIBD
375Three dimensional fully molded power electronics module having a plurality of spacers for high power applications100142802018-07-03ICS
376Acquiring permanent identifier of user equipment by gateway in mobile communication system100640482018-08-28COM
377Systems and methods for blood pressure measurement with psychological status validation101050892018-10-23IOTSEN
378Plating leveler for electrodeposition of copper pillar101004202018-10-16ICS
379Separator for a Rechargeable Battery101098432018-10-23ICS
380Charging device having small loop transmission coils for wireless charging a target device100970312018-10-09ICS
381Interference Detection and Mitigation in Power Line Communication101646842018-12-25ICS
382System and Method for Organizing and Processing Feature Based Data Structures101272192018-11-13AIBD
383Compact device for sensing a liquid with energy harvesting from liquid motion101618612018-12-25IOTSEN
384Anomaly Detection for Medical Samples under Multiple Settings101088452018-10-23AIBD
385Embedded PMOS-Trigger Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) with Suppression Rings for Electro-Static-Discharge (ESD) Protection101347222018-11-20ICS
386Multi-stage Hybrid Analog-to-Digital Converter101037422018-10-16ICS
387Sampling Frequency Offset Tracking Based On Decision Feedback Channel Estimation101356602018-11-20ICS
388Static Disk Electrode for Electroplating Bath Analysis102344192019-03-19ICS
389Current-Sharing Circuit for DC-DC Converters102117282019-02-19ICS
390Method and Apparatus of Dead Time Tuning in an Inverter102303112019-03-12ICS
391Methods and Apparatus for On-chip Derivative Spectroscopy102156892019-02-26IOTSEN
392Kernal Approximation on Fractional Differential Operator for Edge Detection102106162019-02-19IOTSEN
393Systems and Methods for Synchronization Target Selection in Wireless Networks102126772019-02-19COM
394Systems and Methods for Synchronization Signal Timeslot Reselction for Synchronization Target Selection in Networks102444952019-03-26COM
395Secure BLE Broadcast System for Location Based Service102191062019-02-26COM
396Method and Apparatus for Channel State Information (CSI) Reporting in a Massive MIMO Communication System102772962019-04-30COM
397Wireless Power Transmitter102500762019-04-02ICS
398RC Oscillator That Uses Thermometer Codes to Select a Sub-Array and Binary Codes to Select Capacitors or Resistors Within a Sub-Array for Linear and Monotonic Tuning103054252019-05-28ICS
399Beam-Steering Apparatus with Fast Response and Enhanced Steering Resolution103310082019-06-25IOTSEN
400Cell Search in a Wireless Network103345162019-06-25COM
401Reducing Fringe Field Effect for Spatial Light Modulator104164982019-09-17IOTSEN
402Method and Apparatus for Fine Timing Offset Estimation103675942019-07-30COM
403Method and Apparatus for Determing Channel State Information (CSI) in a Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) Wireless Communication System103483842019-07-09COM
404Using Masks to Improve Classification Performance of Convolutional Neural Networks with Applications to Cancer-Cell Screening103541222019-07-16AIBD
405Duty Cycle Controller with Calibration Circuit104189782019-09-17ICS
406Rating and Advising for Selection of Augmented Reality Markers104966942019-12-03CCT
407Method and Apparatus for Resource Allocation Signaling in a Joint Transmission Cellular Communication System104841582019-11-19COM
408Systems and Methods for Dynamic Low Latency Optimization104302452019-10-01AIBD
409Step Fin Field-Effect-Transistor (FinFET) with Slim Top of Fin and Thick Bottom of Fin for Electro-Static-Discharge (ESD) or Electrical Over-Stress (EOS) Protection105107432019-12-17ICS
410Systems and Methods for Block Based Edgel Detection with False Edge Elimation105101482019-12-17IOTSEN
411Power Supply Switch with Programmable Switching Decision104521132019-10-22ICS
412Apparatus and Method for Performing Real Object Detection and Control using a Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display System104971792019-12-03AIBD
413Frequency Domain Prach Filter for Prach Signal Recovery104484322019-10-15COM
414Low-Capacitance Electro-Static-Discharge (ESD) Protection Structure with Two Floating Wells105048862019-12-10ICS
415Method and Apparatus of Dead Time Tuning in an Inverter104689742019-11-05ICS
41650% Duty Cycle Quadrature-In and Quadrature-Out (QIQO) Divide-by-3 Circuit104544622019-10-22ICS
4173D Gazing Point Detection by Binocular Homography Mapping105647162020-02-18IOTSEN
418Image inpainting on Arbitrary Surfaces105930242020-03-17IOTSEN
419Method and Apparatus for Modifying a User Data Path in a Wireless Communication Network106024262020-03-24COM
420Image Pre-Processing for Accelerating Cytological Image Classification by Fully Convolutional Neural Networks105863362020-03-10AIBD
421Separator for a Rechargeable Battery106082262020-03-31ICS
422Power Converter106098442020-03-31ICS
423Apparatus and a Method for Inspecting a Light Transmissible Optical Component106346182020-04-28IOTSEN
424Wireless Power Transfer System106372982020-04-28ICS
425High Voltage Silicon Carbide Schottky Diode Flip Chip Array106152922020-04-07ICS
426Object Recognition106718352020-06-02IOTSEN
427Systems and Methods for Super-Resolution Synthesis based on Weighted Results from a Random Forest Classifier106854282020-06-16AIBD
428Apparatus and Method of Generating Electronic Three-Dimensional Walkthrough Environment106164832020-04-07CCT
429Low Capacitance and High-Holding-Voltage Transient-Voltage-Suppressor (TVS) Device for Electro-Static-Discharge (ESD)106655842020-05-26ICS
430Single-Temperature-Point Temperature Sensor Sensitivity Calibration106776642020-06-09ICS
431Power Device Package107842132020-09-22ICS
432Low Capacitance and High-Holding-Voltage Transient-Voltage-Suppressor (TVS) Device for Electro-Static-Discharge (ESD) Protection107357652020-08-04ICS
433Systems and Methods for Wireless Device Synchronization107720572020-09-08COM
434A Silicon-Carbide Shielded-MOSFET embedded with a Trench Schottky Diode and Heterojunction Gate107776892020-09-15ICS
435Cross-Product Detection Method for a Narrowband Signal Under a Wide Range of Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO) using Multiple Frequency Bins107850742020-09-22ICS
436Efficient annotation of large sample group108672552020-12-15AIBD
437Flexible integrating recognition and semantic processing108104672020-10-20CCT
438System and method for preventing cross connection in wireless charging108732222020-12-22ICS
439Compact spectrometer having reflective wedge structure108306412020-11-10IOTSEN
440Efficient and accurate named entity recognition method and apparatus108535762020-12-01AIBD
441Reconfigurable segmented scalable shifter108777292020-12-29COM
442Parallel LDPC decoder108265292020-11-03COM
443Channel signal decoding with unknown station identifier information using power detection and redundancy reduction-based error checking108122212020-10-20COM
444Method and an apparatus for reducing connection set-up time in a communications network108563442020-12-01COM
445Dynamic multi-view rendering for autostereoscopic displays by generating reduced number of views for less-critical segments based on saliency/depth/eye gaze map108559652020-12-01ICS
446Digital shunt regulation for a wireless-power receiver108480052020-11-24ICS
447Low-core-loss transformer with magnetic pillar in center of four corner pillars108472972020-11-24ICS
448Residual quantization of bit-shift weights in an artificial neural network108722952020-12-22ICS
449Controller for a DC/DC converter108480662020-11-24ICS
450Advanced multi-gain calibration for direct modulation synthesizer108624272020-12-08ICS

Note: * Design Patent