Application Specific Integrated Circuits
Technologies and Researches

Application Specific Integrated Circuits

The Hong Kong Branch of Chinese National Engineering Research Centre for Application Specific Integrated Circuit System (CNERC) was established on 21 June 2012, with the approval from State Ministry of Science and Technology. The Hong Kong Branch operates within the infrastructure of Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI). The branch focuses on microelectronics and integrated circuits, which together with those six core priority areas, forms the blueprint for ASTRI’s technology strategy.

As the first CNERC branch in Hong Kong, ASTRI is responsible for many technological innovations, tools and solutions across multiple industry sectors. Using its mandate to focus on Application Specific Integrated Circuits, ASTRI has developed a number of solutions that serve various sectors such as new industrialisation and intelligent manufacturing, smart city development, financial technologies as well as next generation network solutions.

Research Areas & Focus

3D Integrated Chip

Power Control and Driver Chip

16 / 14 / 12nm General Purpose and Special Purpose IO Cell Libraries

The 3rd Generation Semiconductors

SiC / GaN based Power and Energy Storage Technology

SiC / GaN based Power Modules

AI and IoT Chips

Vision System AI Algorithms and Chips

Low-power Wireless Connection Chip