As the largest government-funded research and development centre in Hong Kong for applied science and technology, ASTRI has achieved a great deal over the past year – be a part of an institution that will give you a strong sense of pride and honour.

As part of the growing ASTRI network, you will have opportunities for career development across four technology divisions and various corporate functions. We nurture talents who have the confidence to learn on the job and develop new ideas to keep ASTRI at the forefront of the applied research domain.

ASTRI strives to respond to the socio-economic developments in Hong Kong and the opportunities presented by mainland China. In addition, it reaches out to the rest of the world with a forward-looking strategy that thrives on knowledge, insights and innovation.

We offer career paths that suits the dreams and aspirations of scientists, researchers, engineers and professionals from other fields. Be assured, ASTRI is committed to investing in your personal and professional growth.