ICT- Intelligence, Connectivity and Trust
Technologies and Researches

ICT- Intelligence, Connectivity and Trust

Using the power of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), ASTRI are committed to helping enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness. For us, ICT stands for a lot more than just Information and Communication Technologies. It also means Intelligent, Connected and Trusted. They are the three goals that inspire ASTRI’s R&D strategy and endeavours.


We dedicate our R&D efforts to innovate intelligent solutions for the implementation of Smart City. For instance, our Blockchain, AI and Smart Navigation solutions make life easier, faster and better for the people of Hong Kong and beyond.


From 5G test-bed to smart traffic management, connected cars to NB-IoT, we leverage the next generation network to develop different solutions to enhance Hong Kong’s connectivity.


ASTRI has been developing trusted solutions to ensure IoT security and data security in our future smart city. Blockchain, Biometric Authentication and Cyber Security are all those major initiatives that could help mitigate the risks of security issues.