Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be a world-class technology developer and an enabler to enrich lives.

Our Mission

To enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness through applied research.

Our Goals

  • To perform innovative R&D for greater technological applications in industries
  • To nurture technology entrepreneurs and talents
  • To promote collaborations among universities, R&D institutions and industries to facilitate the I&T ecosystem in Hong Kong.

Our Values


We innovate to achieve betterment for Hong Kong, our nation and the world.


We work in an ethical, honest, open and fair manner and are responsible for our actions.


We deliver timely and world-class services to our stakeholders.


We strive to overcome all challenges.


We give due respect to all parties, including others and ourselves, to establish and support an
environment of teamwork and growth.


What We Offer

As a Hong Kong R&D centre, one of ASTRI’s important goals is to help customers harness business opportunities from the thriving technology market and increase their competitive strengths. Customers and partners can improve their efficacy by drawing on ASTRI’s expertise and research achievements.

Technology Transfers

ASTRI has a rich portfolio of commercially viable technologies readily available for market deployment. There were over 1,500 cases of technology transfers conducted through research contract, technology licensing and other forms of partnership, generated a total of over HK$450 million income received from industry.

R&D Professionals

ASTRI has teams of brilliant researchers led by competent professionals, many of whom are prominent technologists in their respective fields. ASTRI has more than 780 staff, with 22% holding PhD degrees and more than 57% holding Master’s degrees.

Intellectual Properties

ASTRI has produced a volume of home-grown and patent-protected technologies. Since its establishment, the institute has filed more than 1,400 patents and more than 1,100 of which have already been granted.

Latest updated: March 2024


Ways of Collaboration

ITF-funded Platform Project
Projects that are mainly funded by ITC with industry contribution of at least 10% of the total project costs. ASTRI owns all IP rights but industry partners can license the IP non-exclusively.
Industry contribution
Industry Collaborative Project
Both ASTRI and partners contribute fund and other resources For industry contribution:
over 30%
Industry partner can exclusively license the foreground IP for a period.
over 50%
Industry partner can own the foreground IP.
Contract Research
Industry is responsible for 100% of R&D project costs. The R&D projects are customized according to industry partners’ requests. Industry partner can own the foreground IP.
from Industry
ITF-funded Seed Projects
Projects that are forward-looking or exploratory work, providing foundation work for future projects.
Public Sector Trial Scheme (PSTS)
PSTS provides funding support for production of prototypes/samples and conducting of trial schemes in the public sector to facilitate and promote the realisation andcommercialisation of R&D results under ITF projects.


Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in our technologies and projects, or want to discuss potential business opportunities.