Technologies and Researches


Metaverse is the next milestone in the development of the Internet and one of the six core research areas of ASTRI. The development of metaverse needs to start from both hardware and software to promote the virtualisation of the world and build a new work and life model.

ASTRI is committed to developing metaverse related technology such as AR, VR, virtual asset trading, and cost-effective metaverse gadgets such as smart glasses, so that the technologies can be promoted to all walks of life, improve work efficiency and enhance Hong Kong’s overall competitiveness.

Research Areas & Focus

Machine Vision

3D/2D Defect Inspection

Intelligent Industry Robot: 3D Vision & Cognition

Augment Reality Display for Intelligent Manufacturing


Integrated device modules for manufacturing process, robot and environmental sensing


Building applications on major blockchain platforms, including Bitcoin, Monax, Corda, Ethereum and Hyperledger, etc.

Enhancing the blockchain consensus algorithm and network security