Next Generation Network

Next Generation Network

  • ASTRI’s Next Generation Network (NGN) Initiative develops new technological infrastructure and platforms for  diverse applications for a number of areas including public safety and smart cities. ASTRI seeks to research, develop and commercialise leading-edge communications technologies and solutions for pre-5G and 5G wireless systems. In addition to being the evolution of mobile broadband technology, 5G technology is also bringing revolutionary impact on the whole industry, changing people’s work and lives.

    We strive to play a pioneering role in supporting the development of the next generation network for Hong Kong and this region.

    Research Areas & Focus

    Radio Access Network


    4G/5G base station and terminal

    Critical Communication

    Mobile Core

    Network Functions Virtualization

    Mobile Edge Computing


    IoT Management and Applications

    Internet-of-Things (IOT) management for street light, solar power stations & devices, and smarthome

    Internet-of-Vehicles (IoV) & Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) management

    Mobile and IoT Platforms

    Client-server architecture for large scale deployment

    Proximity, geographic information and real time telemetric related technologies

    Project Highlights