Health Technologies

Health Technologies

  • ASTRI’s seeks to guide and facilitate the growth of Hong Kong’s healthcare industry and its ecosystems through development and deployment of a state-of-the-art Health Technology platform. Utilising this platform to drive sustained and disruptive technological R&D, new applications are being developed especially in the areas of preventive health monitoring and medical diagnosis, medical computing and data analytics. Our Health Technologies strategy is fully aligned with the community’s expectations for (i) lower healthcare cost, (ii) personalised healthcare services, and (iii) improved quality of life.

    Research Areas & Focus

    Miniaturised Diagnostic Devices

    Low cost, remotely navigated capsule video endoscope

    Video laryngoscope with streaming functionality

    Disposable high definition flexible endoscope

    Medical Image Analytics

    Digital pathology whole slide imaging analysis

    Capsule endoscopy video analysis

    Real-time endoscopy video processing

    Bioinformatics Computing

    Next generation sequencing data analytics

    Phenotype and genotype association

    Medical big data analytics

    Project Highlights