Financial Technologies

Financial Technologies

  • ASTRI supports the development of FinTech in Hong Kong in three distinct workstreams: Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Big Data Analytics.

    For Cybersecurity research and development, we have Cybersecurity and Analytics (CSA) Group and ASTRI Security Laboratory (ASL). The CSA Group focuses on platform technology development where big data analytics and machine learning are used for automated security threat analytics. On the other hand, ASL focuses on developing skill-sets of security professionals – helping them to perform ethical hacking, advanced reverse engineering, crypt-analysis and third party security assessment opinions.

    ASTRI CSA group and ASL supports the Cybersecurity Fortification Initiative (CFI) pursued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). We are developing a Cyber Intelligence Sharing Platform in association with the Hong Kong Association of Banks for sharing intelligence on cyber-attacks. We are also developing a cybersecurity simulation platform along with Hong Kong’s law enforcement agency for cybersecurity professional development – including practice opportunities for trainees to master attack and defence techniques.

    Working on big data analytics research and development, ASTRI Data analytics group leverages big data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Elasticsearch as well as machine learning, deep learning and graph algorithms to provide data management, analytics and regulatory solutions. We are working with banks for enhanced customer engagement solutions, including customer profile analysis, personalised product recommendation, and customer retention analysis. We are also working on RegTech solutions, such as crypto-currency (e.g. bitcoin) transaction surveillance, to help derive real-time intelligence for Anti Money Laundering (AML) identification and financial crimes risk assessment.

    For Blockchain technology development, the related core competence group in ASTRI is experienced in building applications on major blockchain platforms, including Bitcoin, Monax, Corda, Ethereum and Hyperledger. In addition, the team works to enhance Blockchain consensus algorithm and network security. Commissioned by HKMA, ASTRI Blockchain core competence group is building a series of proofs-of-concept for application of Blockchain technology in the banking industry. The result and findings will be shared on a whitepaper to provide guidance to the banking industry and other sectors on the application of the technology. We have also partnered with Bank of China (Hong Kong) to develop a Blockchain-based property valuation system to simplify the existing paper-based and time-consuming property valuation process. The team will continue to collaborate with different financial institutions to develop Blockchain applications in areas like trade finance, mortgage, digital identity management and insurance.

    Research Areas & Focus


    Developing platform technology and automated security threat analytics

    Training of security professionals


    Building applications on major blockchain platforms, including Bitcoin, Monax, Corda, Ethereum and Hyperledger, etc.

    Enhancing the blockchain consensus algorithm and network security

    Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

    Leveraging big data technologies as well as machine learning, deep learning and graph algorithms for providing data management, analytics and regulatory solutions

    Project Highlights