Thrust on Open Broadband Wireless Network and Applications

Thrust on Open Broadband Wireless Network and Applications

  • ASTRI has been developing LTE technologies since 2008 and is one of the global leaders in LTE small cell and terminal baseband cores. In late 2012, one of ASTRI’s new technology strategies was to cluster key projects into thrusts for higher-impact. The Thrust on “Open Broadband Wireless Network and Applications” was formed aiming to enhance our core competence technologies in baseband, RF and software to provide LTE small cell infrastructure solutions while leveraging cross domain effort to develop technologies for innovative applications. In 2016, this Thrust becomes the Next Generation Network (NGN) initiative.

    We have developed an Open Wireless Innovation Platform (WIP) to integrate ASTRI’s and third party’s LTE technologies to provide a configurable network environment for system development, integration and verification. The WIP includes two parts (1) network infrastructure and (2) applications.

    ASTRI’s Open Wireless Innovation Platform (WIP)

    WIP main features:

      • End-to-end FDD/TD-LTE small cell network
      • Self-Organizing Network (SON) capability
      • EPC with embedded HSS and PCRF
      • Network management
      • Policy based WiFi/LTE traffic offload
      • Interoperability testing function (EPC, Gateway, LTE small cell, and LTE UE)
      • Integrated applications, for examples:
        • Smart city: Remote solar street light control and monitoring
        • Smart home appliances control and monitoring
        • Video surveillance and analytics for smart transportation and public safety

    Please refer to next generation network (NGN) for the technology roadmap of this Thrust.