Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV)

Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV)

  • Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) is a major development direction in the telecom industry. Network Virtualisation decouples hardware and software in network equipment. By doing so, the network functions are implemented as software and deployed on top of general purpose hardware platforms. It offers significant flexibility to provide the infrastructure with different services including 4G, WiFi, and next generation services. It also reduces capital expenditure (CapEx) and operational expenditure (OpEx).


    ASTRI’s NFV Overview

    ASTRI NFV LTE Core Network consists of:

    • LTE Virtual Network Functions – EPC, Security Gateway, Small Cell Gateway
    • FastCloud Orchestrator – Agile deployment and management of VNFs and network configurations
    • Interface with and support commercial and community NFV infrastructure

    Our NFV R&D Highlights:

    • Performance
    • 20Gbps IPSec, 40Gbps EPC throughput
    • High Availability
    • Software based, with SCTP/IPSec stateful failover, no impacts to users and service
    • Orchestration
    • FastCloud Orchestrator is able to plan, deploy and reconfigure mobile core, thus significantly reduces deployment complexity and time
    • Open Platform and Standard
    • Focus on open standards (e.g. OPNFV, ONP) and architecture (e.g. ETSI NFV architecture)


    ASTRI’s Collaboration on NFV


    ASTRI has close collaboration with leading industry players in NFV technologies. Intel invited ASTRI to join the Intel ® Network Builders programme to promote NFV technologies. ASTRI’s virtualised Evolved Packet Core and Small Cell Gateway is showcased in Network Infrastructure Solutions Library of Intel.
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    Collaboration with commercial grade NFV platforms ( Simplified Chinese only.)


    Demonstrations: China Mobile, ASTRI and Sunnada to jointly demonstrate Network Function Virtualization for LTE Nanocell at Mobile World Congress – ASTRI ASTRI


    NFV White Paper

    Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) for Next Generation Networks (NGN)