• The Memory CCG focuses on the developing of high performance, high availability and high endurance SSD Controllers for next generation mass storage and secured data storage applications.

    A flexible Flash storage device design platform was built in to facilitate the development of SSD Controllers with various host interfaces, different capacities, error correction coding (ECC) and encryption capabilities.

    The following describes the storage design platform, technology and featured highlights and application examples of our high performance SSD controllers:
    Memory_SSD Controller (R)

    Technical Highlights

    High Performance SSD Controller

    Memory_SSD Controller_Highlight (1)Memory_SSD Controller_Highlight (2)

    Data Packaging Efficiency (UASP)

    Memory_SSD Controller_USAP

    Key goals of UASP

    • Supports multi-commands queue and return full SCSI status and sense data
    • Leveraging USB3.0 streaming capability to implement the multiple commands queuing
    • Asynchronous notification thanks to USB3.0 dual-simplex transaction
    • Improves 30% efficiency comparing to current Bulk Only Transaction (BOT) protocol for Mass Storage Class

    Application Examples of High-performance, High-availability SSD

    Memory_SSD Controller_Eg

    NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express ) Controller  for Enterprise  SSD

    • Native PCIe interface NAND Flash Storage
    • Provides high efficient solid state storage platform for enterprise application
    • Enterprise Data Center and Cloud Storage

    Memory_NVMe Controller

    Innovative Hybrid NVM with DRAM as Data Cache

    Memory_Hybrid NVM DRAM

    Technical Specifications

    Bus Interface PCIe 2.0 x8 (x8 and x16 slot compatible).

    NVME1.1a protocol supported

    Features Intelligent write back and write through cache supported. Optimized cache population/eviction algorithm.

    Multi protocols supported (NAS/SAN: iSCSI, NFS, FC, FCoE; DAS: SAS, SATA).

    Zero warm-up cache with super-cap backup DRAM.

    DDR DRAM Up to 16GB DDR3 SDRAM (with full ECC protection), ultra capacitor-based backup data to NAND
    NAND Up to 128GB ,Both SLC and MLC NAND are compatible. ONFI 2.1 and TOGGLE 1.0 supported. 72 bits ECC per 1KB BCH and Reconfigurable NAND Flash commands supported.
    Latency Single IO request (4KB block) less than 15 microseconds;

    Multi IO request (4KB block) less than 10 microseconds.

    Host OS Windows, Linux and major virtualization hypervisor.
    Power consumption Normal operation: less than 15 watts;

    Maximum: less than 25 watts.

    Form Factor PCI standard profile.