Student reporters from Ming Pao Daily get a taste of ASTRI’s exciting endeavours, powered by technology

The fascinating world of journalism excites a lot of people. Learning about the latest developments in society, businesses and communities, and getting to write compelling stories about them – the appeal is obvious. When one of the leading newspapers in Hong Kong provides young students with an exposure to news-hunting and storytelling, and compliments that with an opportunity to learn about latest technological developments in the city, the outcome can be quite captivating. That’s exactly what happened when some 12 student-reporters from Ming Pao Daily visited ASTRI recently. The visitors, mostly secondary school students with a keen interest in digital developments, spent a few hours visiting various R&D labs and facilities within ASTRI’s premises and chatting with Dr Justin Chuang – ASTRI’s Vice President for Next Generation Network.

Dr Chuang was accompanied by Ms Eunice Cheng – Director, Public Affairs – to welcome the student reporters from Ming Pao daily. Before moving on to visit the R&D labs, Ms Cheng shared an overview of ASTRI’s technology initiatives and some innovative R&D projects which drew curious and interesting questions from the students. Dr Chuang also shared about ASTRI’s technology vision, the growth potential of the tech-industry in Hong Kong, the city’s ability to attract global talent and investors, and the strategy to build the next generation of technology leaders from among Hong Kong’s youth.

Dr Chuang – originally from Taiwan who spent many years working in the telecommunications industry in the US before moving to Hong Kong as a professor in the early years of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, explained why “Hong Kong continues to be Asia’s world city with lots to offer and lot more to achieve.” Dubbed one of the four “original Asian Tigers”, Hong Kong has “a vibrant economy with great infrastructure and an excellent, business-friendly regulatory regime which are genuinely conducive to promote innovation and technology,” he commented.

The students then visited ASTRI’s Cyber Range facility which is Hong Kong’s first-ever specialised simulated training facility to fight and deter for cyber-crimes. Developed jointly by ASTRI and the Hong Kong Police Force, the facility trains cybersecurity professionals from the Police Force as well as the financial services industry.

Afterwards, the visitors spent time in the Smart City Innovation Centre (SCIC) – a joint initiative by ASTRI, Hong Kong Science Park, and Innovation and Technology Commission of the HKSAR Government. Demonstrations in the SCIC included the application of Blockchain in financial services, naked-eye 3D display technology, Smart Pole, augmented and mixed reality applications, Head-up and Head-mount displays, pedestrian-friendly navigation, smart parking, connected cars, and various high-speed telecommunications R&D.

Dr Justin Chuang and Ms Eunice Cheng welcomed a team of student reporters from Mingpao Daily to ASTRI.
The student reporters learnt about a wide range of ASTRI’s R&D endeavours including FinTech and blockchain.
The visitors saw demonstrations of ASTRI’s smart city solutions at the SCIC.
Dr.Justin Chuang introduced the ASTRI Palm Fusion Biometric solution with the student reporters.
Dr Justin Chuang, originally from Taiwan, shared his R&D experience in ASTRI with the student reporters.