Jane Chen interviews Hugh Chow: attracting international talents to fulfil Hong Kong’s aspirations

As Hong Kong strives to position itself as an international innovation hub, the HKSAR Government has announced unprecedented level of funding support and a series of other initiatives to materialise that vision. China’s Central Government is also steadfast in its support to Hong Kong’s innovation and technology development. The recent announcement that Hong Kong-based researchers will get bigger and easier access to national R&D funding unlocks a new world of potential for the city’s innovation ecosystem. Different players within Hong Kong’s I&T ecosystem, including the general public, have overwhelmingly welcomed these new initiatives and policies. Vice President of OneTV Media Global Limited, and ‘Elite One-on-One’ programme’s host, Ms Jane Chen interviewed ATSRI’s CEO Mr Hugh Chow, to discuss how Hong Kong could retain I&T talents.

Mr Chow talked about the excellent foundation in financial and logistics services prevalent in Hong Kong. If we compare the I&T development in Hong Kong and those in the Silicon Valley, Hong Kong is just a starter while Silicon Valley has almost half a century’s experience in developing I&T. However, if Hong Kong can leverage all the positive catalysts and drive growth and momentum in an innovation-led economy, we also have our own unique edge to compete in the race.

Do watch the full interview (available in Chinese only) – video courtesy to OneTV.