Breakthrough demonstration of Cellular-V2X technology in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, June 26, 2017 – The Smart Mobility Consortium (SMC) has demonstrated for the first time in Hong Kong the use of Cellular-Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technology for connected cars.

Using C-V2X technology, cars may communicate with one another, pedestrians, and roadside infrastructure to enhance road safety and deliver a better driving experience. With the collective efforts of SMC members including Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), HKT and Huawei, the C-V2X live demo took place today at Hong Kong Science Park during the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Asia-Pacific Forum 2017.

As a critical low-latency application towards 5G, the C-V2X technology enables vehicles to have a tactile exchange of information with other vehicles, pedestrians, and network infrastructure – bringing significant enhancements to driving assistance, traffic management and road safety for vehicles and pedestrians. The demonstration ran on HKT’s C-V2X trial network, with frequency bands 2.6GHz for Vehicle-To-Infrastructure (V2I) communications and 5.9GHz for Vehicle-To-Vehicle (V2V) communications.

Guests at the ITS Asia-Pacific Forum 2017 witnessed the demonstration on a regular vehicle fitted with C-V2X technology. It involved multiple scenarios of how connected vehicles can enhance road safety through:

  • V2V Do Not Pass Warning (DNPW) – DNPW warns the driver when a vehicle cannot safely cross to the opposite side of traffic to overtake another vehicle because of oncoming traffic.
  • V2P Vulnerable Road User (VRU) – In a non-line-of-sight situation, the vehicle can detect pedestrians’ presence in a ‘danger zone’ and alert the driver with ‘Pedestrian Crossing Warning’.
  • V2V Blind Spot Warning / Lane Change Warning – The host vehicle driver can be warned whenever another vehicle on the adjacent lane is in a blind spot of the host vehicle.
  • V2I Forward Collison (Emergency Stop) – Alerts can be sent to other vehicle drivers in the vicinity via a roadside unit in case the host vehicle has to make an emergency stop.
  • V2I Intersection Collision Warning – A warning will be issued when two vehicles are approaching the intersection point out of the V2V communications coverage or in a non-line-of-sight condition.


Dr Frank Tong Fuk-kay, CEO of ASTRI, highlighted the Institute’s contributions to building a “connected car ecosystem for Hong Kong”, and said, “We pursue R&D in both software and hardware aspects including C-V2X network, management system, algorithm design, and related infrastructure.” Dr Tong added, “We seek to implement a comprehensive smart mobility system for Hong Kong, and to support the Government’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) strategy. As one of the largest Government-funded R&D institutions, we hope the experience and innovation from this project can also help other cities in this region, particularly in the South China Greater Bay Area.”

Mr Alex Arena, Group Managing Director of HKT, said, “Three months ago, we shook hands and signed the MoU to establish the Smart Mobility Consortium. Today, we are working hand-in-hand to bring the first demonstration of C-V2X technology for pushing safe mobility in Hong Kong. The demonstration shows how C-V2X alerts drivers to dangers under different use cases on the road and emergency traffic conditions, which will make the roads safer and Hong Kong a better city to live in. Being the mobile network technology leader in Hong Kong, HKT will continue to push and realise C-V2X technology & applications, in support of the Government’s Smart City vision and strategy.”

Mr Veni Shone, President of TDD Product Line and Acting President of Cellular V2X Solutions, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., said, “Together with our partners in the Smart Mobility Consortium, we have taken a big step forward by bringing you the first demonstration of the Cellular V2X technology. We aim to embrace the new technology to achieve safer, more efficient, comfortable, reliable, and eco-friendly transportation services that benefit riders and road users. With our long history of successful joint innovation, Huawei is very pleased to pioneer the Cellular V2X solution development to serve the needs of the future intelligent transport system.”

A collective effort of three organisations, the SMC has successfully conducted this ground-breaking demonstration in Hong Kong. The SMC will continue to work alongside the Government, automobile industry, and other relevant industry stakeholders to push C-V2X commercialization. Upon successful completion and rollout, the project is expected to lead to further opportunities for related sectors including shipment, ridesharing, home-delivery, insurance, infotainment, and mobile healthcare, etc.

The Smart Mobility Consortium (SMC) has demonstrated for the first time in Hong Kong the use of Cellular-Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technology for connected cars


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