ASTRI’s innovative R&D showcases at the ‘First@Science Park’ Exhibition

ASTRI’s innovative R&D project, Magi Guide, was showcased at the ‘First@Science Park’ Exhibition from 23 to 24 February 2017.

An ASTRI innovation, Magi Guide is an integrated seamless indoor and outdoor navigation system behind which is a scalable cloud platform. Also developed by ASTRI, the platform involves various types of technologies including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The app covers navigation of outdoor areas like pedestrian’s pathways, alleys, bridges, as well as indoor premises such as shopping malls. It addresses the limitations of Google maps which currently does not support indoor navigation. In addition, the system can also provide other services to the users such as enquiry on nearby information and broadcast real time special notice.

Organised by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, the ‘First@SciencePark’ offers a test-bed for companies based in Science Park to pilot new and innovative technologies and applications. Companies can get instant feedback and suggestions that help them to enhance their products and strengthen their market competitiveness.

Magi Guide, an innovative R&D project developed by ASTRI, is showcased at the First@Science Park Exhibition