ASTRI Partners with ZyXEL to Showcase LTE Small Cell Subsystem Solution at PT/EXPO China

[Hong Kong, 22 September 2015] Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited (ASTRI) and ZyXEL Communications have partnered to deliver the LTE Small Cell Subsystem Solution which will be showcased at the PT/EXPO China, 22-25 September 2015 at booth 1A012 in China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, China.

The LTE Small Cell Subsystem solution, jointly developed by ASTRI and ZyXEL, is designed to offload the LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC). By supporting up to 100,000 IPSec and SCTP connections of LTE Small Cells with over 20Gbps throughput, the exceptional performance has driven telecom operators into field verifications and trial deployments.

During the show, the demonstration will feature the next generation Network Function Virtualization (NFV) function, which enhances the flexibility and scalability for LTE small cell subsystem deployments.

Packed with ZyXEL’s Home eNode B (HeNB) type LTE Small Cell with security gateways and HeNB gateways for 4G LTE network control, the solution is compatible with any third-party 3GPP standard compliant products, offering operators supreme deployment flexibility, together with ease-of-management.

The live end-to-end LTE network demonstration showcases current and forward looking technologies developed by ASTRI and partners. NFV is viewed as a major evolution to significant flexibility and cost savings to Telecom operators for provisioning the LTE infrastructure with different LTE core network subsystems.  The demonstration based on Intel Open Network Platform (ONP) marks an important milestone.

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