ASTRI is honored to receive Global CIOs and senior executives of HSBC

Fintech investments in Asia was quadrupled in 2015. With the rapid development of financial technology, consumer behavioral pattern has changed over time. Blockchain, smart contracts, and predictive analytics are among the financial service technologies transforming the ways transactions are conducted and customers are served. Against this backdrop, ASTRI is privileged to work closely with regulators, financial services companies and different business sectors to explore opportunities and develop solutions to serve consumers better.

On 22 September, ASTRI was very delighted and honored to receive over 30 CIOs and Senior Executives from HSBC to discuss a number of transformational technologies that are applicable to banking sector. HSBC, as the leading global bank, is well-poised to capitalize on the next generation technology and innovation to deliver greater convenience for its customers. The Bank has established innovation hubs in London, Singapore and India. Now, the Bank specially gathered its great heads from different global functions at ASTRI not only to tour around the facility, but also dive deeper into various R&D initiatives of ASTRI.

Chairman Mr. Wong Ming-yam, BBS, JP, Dr. Frank Tong, CEO and Dr. Duncan Wong, Vice-President, Financial Technologies of ASTRI warmly greeted the delegates. “We are honored to have this great opportunity to receive the experts from technology and innovation functions at HSBC. We believe the meeting would generate interesting insights into the applications of new technologies in banking industry,” said Chairman Wong.

“New and evolving internet finance technologies are reshaping the financial industry across the globe. Hong Kong is Asia’s premier financial centre, the financial service industry here also sees the imminent need to embrace the fintech trend. Earlier, we collaborated with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority to set up the “Fintech Innovation Hub”. In the future, we look forward to partnering with different financial institutions to develop proof of concept trials of products and services through the use of new technologies,” added Dr. Tong.

Dr. Tong also gave an overview of ASTRI to the delegation and walked them through the several key areas of Fintech research ASTRI is focusing on, e.g. Cyber Security, Blockchain, Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, as well as Mobile Computing.

Apart from learning the R&D directions and core competence of ASTRI, the delegates also viewed a number of FinTech-related demonstrations including ASTRI’s SecShare platform, big data analytics, facial recognition, blockchain and touch authentication, to name but a few.

The delegates also toured around ASTRI’s laboratories such as ASTRI Cyber Range Laboratory.

It was a fruitful visit that ASTRI and HSBC had a meaningful opportunity to exchange views on technologies and applications. The event concluded with cozy mingling and sharing.

All my colleagues are impressed by the demos we saw.  I guess everybody loves the cyber security demos.  It is particularly important for HSBC as the security of information that our clients give us is critical.  Keeping it secured is one of our utmost objectives,” said Mr. Christopher Chazot, Global Head of Innovation of HSBC.

Dr. Andrew Weir, Chief Scientist of HSBC said, “It has been a fantastic visit.  It’s been a great opportunity for us to introduce the team the facilities here, to see how it is professionally managed and gave us an understanding of what applied innovation means for HSBC.”

“Today’s visit is very fantastic.  I wanted to thank ASTRI for arranging it for us.  We have seen a lot.  It triggered us to think about a lot more of the projects that we can jointly run with ASTRI,” said Ms. Elena Lam, CIO Asia Pacific of HSBC.

Dr. C K Chan, CIO, Asia Pacific International of HSBC shared, “The event today was a great opportunity for all our global heads and regional heads from outside Hong Kong to come to ASTRI to witness some of the exciting technologies.  Once they saw them, they could take them back home and think about what we can do next.”

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Delegates of HSBC are impressed by the demonstrations of ASTRI’s technologies

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Dr. Frank Tong, CEO of ASTRI introduces ASTRI to the delegates

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Delegates view the big data analytics demonstration

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