Intelligent Sensing Technology System

Intelligent Sensing Technology System

  • Intelligent Sensing Technology System (ISTS) Technology Division has three core competence groups specialised in developing and commercialising market-driven solutions: (i) Manufacturing Technology (MTECH), (ii) Modules & Integration (MI) and (iii) Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). MTECH focuses on 3D machine vision, display & sensing, and intelligent industry robot; MI specialises in healthcare electronics and has ISO13485 certification for design and development of heart rate module, pulse oximeter and cuffless blood pressure meter. CPS focuses on model-based systems engineering for design, synthesis and validation of mission-critical cyber-physical systems of smart factory in Industry 4.0. We have accumulated over 200 granted invention patents, made 160 technology transfers to the industry, and accomplished 4 spin-offs. ISTS has also stepped into new areas aiming for deep learning-based defects classification technology and food safety & quality screening technology.

    Modules & Integration

    Sensor/Packaging/Optical Design and Miniaturization

    Bio-medical Algorithms and Field Test

    Manufacturing Technologies

    Miniaturised Optical Engines

    Image Understanding Algorithms

    Cyber-Physical Systems

    Model-Based Systems Engineering for the Design, Synthesis and Validation of Mission-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems of Smart Factory in Industry 4.0


    Project Highlights