ASTRI Technovation
Centre (ATC)

ASTRI Technovation Centre (ATC) is Hong Kong’s first 5G innovation lab and showroom set up in 2017 to showcase tech capabilities and facilitate in-depth research into 5G technologies. The centre provides a high-tech environment and resources for stakeholders businesses big and small, academia and research institutes to capitalise on 5G wave of wireless technology for digital networks, share knowledge and develop viable smart city solutions. Many impactful projects started with a conversation at the ATC. Tech pain points find tech solutions at ASTRI.
Smart mobility

The ATC drives motoring into the future by providing enhanced features for the modern car, such as state-of-the-art connected vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technology and immersive laser projection head-up displays. Together, these aim to create a driving experience that is fun and smooth, but most importantly, safe, for both driver and pedestrian.

Smart living

ATC’s innovation also drives technologies aiming to meet and anticipate human needs and improve quality of life. These include palm print biometric authentication and IoT technology that advance communications, such as geographic information systems that seamlessly connect indoor-outdoor applications and track real-time data. Meanwhile, innovations such as the self-shutdown Li-battery technology can save lives by eliminating the dangers of explosions.

Smart government

To be a smart city, Hong Kong needs information and communications technology (ICT) that supports and facilitates governance, public services and decision-making and this is where ASTRI technology makes a difference. Examples include proof of concept for a blockchain-based time-saving digital identity management platform and other forms of data management and analytics applications for the government.

Other applications can improve food safety, create faster response times, more accurate authentication, and more effective and efficient security. These facilities and improvements continue to keep Hong Kong an attractive investment destination and a global financial centre.

Smart connectivity

Smart technology is reshaping information communications as we know it. At ATC, ASTRI is working on solutions that minimise latency while enhancing critical communications delivery, speeds, bandwidth capacity, machine learning and utilities applications. This year, ASTRI, together with Intel Corporation, delivered a groundbreaking 1.3Tbps throughput performance of 5G core network for enhanced mobile broadband. These are the applications that propel a modern city.

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