Smart Wealth Management Platform (SWMP) (ART/260CP)

Smart Wealth Management Platform (SWMP) (ART/260CP)

Smart Wealth Management Platform (SWMP) (ART/260CP)
29 / 03 / 2018 - 28 / 09 / 2019

Dr James Zhibin LEI

1. Documents for platform requirement and system architecture. 2. Smart Wealth Management Platform infrastructure and platform design. 3. Smart Wealth Management Platform system 3.a Software system for data receiver for historical and real-time data, supporting financial big data analysis. 3.b Software module for know your client based on behavior finance and big data analysis. 3.c Software module for asset allocation and portfolio optimization. 3.d Software module for quantitative computing (financial big data analysis, market mood detection, and data driven analysis.). 4. Integration software system, project document, and project acceptance report. 5. Data analytics and modeling report for smart Wealth Management Platform. 6. License deliverables to HKAIT - Intelligent investment management platform with software module supporting financial big data analysis and AI/ML enhanced risk assessment according to user’s risk assessment and data source (e.g. HK, US, China, Japan, or Europe).

Since traditional wealth management systems mainly focus on specific aspects of the wealth management process and restricted by its nature of IT infrastructure or business constraints, they cannot deal with the new problems and market demands from integrated big data analysis, mathematical modelling and financial engineering, automatic and smart consulting process, and excellent user experience.

Recently, the robo-advisor has become one of the hottest area in fin-tech industry. General speaking, a robo-advisor is an online wealth management service that provides automated, algorithm-based portfolio management advice without the use of human financial planners, which can get client’s risk profile and risk tolerance level based on KYC (know your client) analysis, can get optimized asset allocation and portfolio weights based on application of modern portfolio theory, stochastic simulated data analysis, machine learning, etc., and can provide excellent user experience based on IT technology, data visualization techniques, and gamification in banking and finance industry.

Although the market of smart wealth management grows very quickly and the cashflow increases rapidly year by year, it is still a very difficult mission to build a complete and efficient wealth management system, as it will involve huge amount of calculation, optimization and estimation, which requires rich knowledge and techniques in finance, mathematics, statistics, and AI. In this proposal, we will try to develop a smart wealth management platform through combining above different blocks of knowledge together. The strength of this platform is that it can provide dynamic monitoring with time rolling window, robust portfolio, game-driven and behavior finance based questionnaire, and event driven analysis based on big data and AI, such that an accurate KYC and optimized asset allocation and portfolio optimization become possible. The objective of this project is to provide an efficient and real-time wealth management platform with excellent user experience and good balance between profit and risk, which has big competition advantage in current market.