ASTRI successfully showcases “5G Experiences for Smarter City” technologies at PT/EXPO China 2016

ASTRI participated in the PT/EXPO China 2016 and successfully showcased its “5G Experiences for Smarter City” technologies. Visitors from over 40 companies around the world were attracted to ASTRI’s booth. After visiting, many visitors were impressed by our technologies and expressed interests in it.

PT/EXPO China is one of the largest and most influential platforms of ICT exchanges and exhibition in Asia. It was held from 20 to 23 September 2016 at the China International Exhibition Centre, Beijing, China. In the exhibition, ASTRI showcased a number of technologies including (1) Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) platform, (2) FastCloud Orchestrator and (3) End-to-end Centralised and Coordinated Radio Access Network (C-RAN) solution.

Lots of positive feedbacks were received from visitors and collaborators. Let’s see how they thought about us and our technologies.

“We are impressed with the wireless technologies demonstrated in ASTRI’s booth. The Future Network Department of Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI) is looking for technology transfer and industry collaborations in the advanced network communication technologies. We believe there will be a lot of opportunities in leveraging ASTRI’s technologies, such as MEC, Narrow band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) and C-RAN, to contribute to different government and enterprise projects.” Mr. Tian, Vice Executive Director of Future Network Department of BICI.

“We are very pleased to see ASTRI’s advanced technologies in the exhibition. In the meantime, ASTRI and Nantong Industrial Technology Institute (NTITI) have newly set up a joint laboratory. NTITI has already established a joint R&D center with Tsinghua University and Nantong University. With the establishment of ASTRI-NTITI joint lab, we can further strengthen our collaboration and leverage all expertise to develop the next generation wireless network solutions.” Prof. Ning Ge, Associate Dean of NTITI.

“ASTRI’s MEC platform uses cutting-edge virtualisation and datapath packet processing technology. It is one of the very few leading companies that is able to demonstrate this technology. It is very impressive.” Dr. Wen-hao Yang, Managing Director, Wireless Communications Laboratory, Chunghwa Telecom.

“This exhibition is very successful with a lot of customers attracted to ASTRI’s booth. With ASTRI’s advanced technologies, we have been developing new solutions in wireless network infrastructure to cater different needs of our customers. We will continue working closely with ASTRI to jointly promote our solutions, bringing more values to the industries.” Mr. Haven Huang, Chief Executive Officer, Sunnada Network.

“We are happy to see the next generation wireless access technologies such as C-RAN and network functions virtualisation (NFV) in the exhibition. With the successful collaborations since 2008, we will continue collaborating with ASTRI on the development of next generation small cell, terminal and core-network technologies.” Mr. Jianghui Zhang, Director, Innofidei.


Dr. Meikei Ieong, Chief Technology Officer (5th from right), Dr. Justin Chuang, Vice President, Next Generation Network Cum Acting Director of Software and Systems (5th from left), and Mr. Bill Zhang, Senior Director, IC Design Analog of ASTRI (4th from right) extend warm welcome and introduce ASTRI’s technologies to Mr. Tian, Vice Executive Director of Future Network Department of BICI (4th from left).

PT EXPO 1 (2)

Dr. Wen-hao Yang, Managing Director, Wireless Communications Laboratory, Chunghwa Telecom (left) visits ASTRI’s booth and takes a look of its “5G Experiences for Smarter City” technologies.

PT EXPO 1 (4)

Visitors are experiencing ASTRI’s Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) virtual reality (VR)  technology.

PT EXPO 1 (3)

Visitors show interests in C-RAN demonstration.

PT EXPO 1 (1)

Mr. Bill Zhang, Senior Director, IC Design Analog of ASTRI (right) introduce the NB-IoT solution to BICI representative (left).