ASTRI Showcases Advanced 5G and V2X Smart Mobility Technologies at MWC Shanghai 2024

[Hong Kong and Shanghai, 26 June 2024] Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) is proud to announce its participation in 8 consecutive times in Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWC Shanghai) 2024, taking place from 26 to 28 June. ASTRI will present a range of advanced technologies in 5G and beyond, as well as award-winning smart mobility solutions to industry leaders and stakeholders.

MWC Shanghai is recognised as the largest and most influential gathering of the connectivity industry in Asia. ASTRI has developed state-of-the-art 5G technologies and applications that not only meet market demands but also support global digital transformation initiatives, such as smart city development, and Industry 4.0. ASTRI’s booth, located at N1.E132, will highlight the theme “Beyond 5G and Innovating AI for a Digital Future”.

Dr Denis Yip, Chief Executive Officer of ASTRI said: “ASTRI is committed to developing cutting-edge technologies that will power the next generation of connectivity. At MWC Shanghai, we are pleased to showcase our latest technologies in 5G and beyond, AI, Satellite IoT chips, and Cellular-vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) and more. These innovative technologies will empower industries to transform and enhance the user experience. We are actively creating smarter and more efficient cross-domain communications solutions to drive digital transformation across industries. We look forward to working with partners and customers to build an innovative and sustainable future.”
Technologies showcased by ASTRI at MWC Shanghai include:

TSN-enabled 5G solution: ASTRI’s 5G Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) solution is pivotal for deploying mission-critical and time-sensitive applications, unlocking the full potential of 5G for new industrialisation. TSN enables the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) systems, allowing for the integration of industrial control systems, safety-critical applications, and enterprise IT infrastructure on a common Ethernet-based network. By integrating TSN and 5G, industries can benefit from the enhanced real-time performance, reliability, and flexibility, enabling the realisation of Industry 4.0 vision. In the event, ASTRI will showcase the solution and its own developed TSN devices: software-based Device-Side TSN Translator (DS-TT) and TSN switch.

5G Fusion Positioning + Cloud Robotics: ASTRI has developed a system that combines 5G location service with high-precision sensor positioning to provide seamless indoor and outdoor positioning and tracking. By leveraging 5G and cloud computing, the system enhances the performance of robotic systems, enabling ultra-fast, low-latency and highly reliable wireless connectivity. Intensive computational tasks are offloaded to the cloud for necessary computing power, storage and data processing, offering scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency. Human operators can remotely control and monitor robots, particularly in hazardous environments.

5G Private Network Solutions: In collaboration with Anktion, ASTRI has developed customised 5G private network solutions tailored for enterprises’ specific needs, enhancing operations and productivity. ASTRI provides comprehensive services, including 5G private network design, deployment, and consultation. These solutions have been successfully implemented for various government departments in Hong Kong to enhance public safety and operational efficiency. ASTRI also addresses spectrum shortage issues with Radio Access Network (RAN) sharing solutions and has developed a customised 5G standalone millimetre wave solution for remote control of tower crane, realising smart construction sites.

5G Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN): ASTRI is advancing 5G base stations and core networks by supporting 3GPP Release 17 NTN features to enable satellite communications. This development of 5G base station includes two hardware platform variants, one mainstream and one with chipsets designed and produced in the Mainland. Enhancements to the 5G core will address NTN access challenges such as long propagation delays and mobility management, ensuring high-quality user experiences. In addition, ASTRI is developing a configurable NTN terminal reference design that supports both Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites.

Integrated Sensing and Communications (ISAC): ASTRI’s ISAC technology leverages its 5G expertise to integrate communications and sensing. The initial focus is on the ISAC base station physical layer design, including resource sharing, channel model implementation, and target detection sensing algorithms. ASTRI has also developed a combined sensing and communications platform compatible with Wi-Fi, Ultra-Wideband (UWB), and 5G-advanced technologies. Current applications include in-cabin child presence detection and UWB digital keys for secure vehicle access.

Satellite IoT Chip: ASTRI is developing an ultra-low-power radio frequency (RF) transceiver chip for Internet of Things (IoT) applications compatible with NTN. This chip significantly reduces the power consumption and area by novel ultra-low power architecture and circuit design. It supports the latest Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards and provides global satellite coverage for mobile and IoT applications such as remote tracking, pipeline maintenance and smart agriculture, unlocking a new era of IoT.

Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV): ASTRI’s CAV technologies include common interfaces and protocols, vehicle-road cooperative perception technology, a simulation platform, and a digital monitoring platform. These technologies support various vehicle types and enable the development of innovative CAV system with C-V2X smart mobility roadside infrastructure. ASTRI has deployed CAV trials and collaborates with government and industry partners in the Great Bay Area and beyond to advance CAV technology and its commercial deployment.

Intelligent Optomechatronics for Smart Mobility: ASTRI’s ‘Smart Optics’ technology platform integrates illumination, sensing, and display elements to drive smart mobility development. Key capabilities include multispectral imaging, neuromorphic sensing, RGBIR light communication and learning-based Computer-Generated Holography (CGH). Applications include real-time 3D reconstruction, CGH head-up displays, and advanced situation awareness for both vehicles and roadside infrastructure.

ASTRI presents a range of advanced technologies in 5G and beyond, as well as award-winning smart mobility in MWC Shanghai 2024

This year’s showcases by ASTRI revolve around the theme of “Beyond 5G and Innovating AI for a Digital Future”