V2X Networking System

ASTRI’s V2X networking system is an end-to-end system which consists of in-vehicle terminal and software, road side unit (RSU) hardware and software, V2X edge management, regional and V2X cloud platform management system software. This system has a unique scalable multi-tier system architecture design. It supports major 3GPP C-V2X standards and vehicles communications between vehicles, pedestrians, roadside infrastructure and networks to enable road safety and intelligent transport applications.

ASTRI’s V2X Networking System Architecture

Key Features
Scalable & Flexible V2X Management

  • Multi-tier V2X system architecture
  • Central & Regional V2X Management & Data Analytics for Real-time Traffic Monitoring of city
  • V2X Edge Gateway for Intelligent Fast Traffic Management

Low-latency & Intelligent V2X Algorithms

  • In-Car Gateway (ICGW) manages all in-vehicle devices & sensors (e.g. OBD2, CAN, GPS, ADAS, Camera etc)
  • Integrated V2P, V2V, V2I, V2N communications
  • Info exchange between Vehicles & Road Infrastructure
  • V2X algorithms enable low-latency & reliable alarms

Beneficial to V2X Ecosystem Partners

  • Benefit operators, service providers & equipment vendors for commercial V2X roll-outs, provision services to customers
  • Enable OEMS, Tier-1, autonomous vehicle vendors for V2X applications & 5G
    autonomous driving
  • Allow city government, road operators for real-time intelligent traffic management toimprove traffic efficiency & road safety of city


Reliable & Secure System Software

  • High Availability (HA) system design with redundant management server & database
  • V2X data security & protection, only authorized users can register & access the system & data
V2X Management System Feature Highlights


AI-enabled V2X Edge Traffic Management

  • Intelligent Traffic Management & Data Analytics
  • AI processing at Mobile Edge
  • Manage & coordinate multiple RSUs & data
  • Detect abnormal traffic conditions & suggest fast path
  • Real time alert notifications via V2I (within seconds)
  • Showcased at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona & Shanghai, 2018
AI-enabled V2X Edge Traffic Management


First C-V2X Live Trial in Hong Kong

  • First C-V2X live trial in HK at ITS-AP 2017
  • Comprehensive trial on real roads & traffic
  • Successfully performed V2V, V2P, V2I road safety alarm use cases
  • High performance &amp; low-latency (<20ms for V2V)
  • Experienced severe weather conditions (e.g. typhoon, rainstorms)
First C-V2X Live Trial in Hong Kong


China First City C-V2X Live Trial in Wuxi

  • China First C-V2X live trial in Wuxi at the World Internet of Things Expo Sep 2018
  • Comprehensive trials on 6km city open roads &amp; traffic with 17 V2V & V2I use cases
  • ASTRI’s C-V2X system software with In-Car software with algorithms & Display App for alarm triggering & notifications to drivers
  • Leveraged C-V2X Uu & PC5 Communications to exchange vehicle & traffic status information between vehicles &amp; road infrastructure
China First City C-V2X Live Trial in Wuxi