Intelligent Cognitive Systems

Specialises in behavior analysis and modeling, applies for smart healthcare, elderly, document management, intelligent data management system, smart eForm platform etc.

Intelligent Companion for Elderly (ICE), a new therapeutic robot provides intelligent user interaction to elderly through various sensors and actuators, which links with caregiver’s App and web portal. Together with the Intelligent Data Management System [IDMS], it simplifies the development of systems involving iOS/Android/Web App, cloud/server software, data visualisation and machine learning modules. ICS, powered by “Elderly companion engine”, is a scalable and extensible platform to support different services for elderly care.


Elderly companion engine


Smart Healthcare System also includes health condition tracking device for elderly home and healthcare wristbands. The team installs smart gateways in the elderly home or centre with NFC and Bluetooth wristbands, it provides the elderly location tracking function and shown on the smart location map. Besides, bed sensors and healthcare apps are also used to detect elderlies’ vital signs. Elderly’s presence, heart and respiratory rate can be detected by non-contact measurement. Thus, accidents can be detected, and alerts would be sent to caregivers.


Healthcare wristbands are used to detect fall and make further analysis on fall incidents. Elderly wears the wristbands which detects the fall. It spots out elderly with high fall risk in order to minimise the risk of serious and fatal accidents.


Healthcare Centre
Healthcare Centre


A Community Support Platform is an intelligent platform named “YouGet”. It makes use of share economy idea which allows the release of individual resources in community to help elderly for their daily needs such as cleaning and accompanying elderly for clinic. With the trusted members of a local community or organisation, the support from each other can be closely linked with minimise travelling or overhead.


In addition, operational effort to manage those community support program can be minimised with the aid of technology. Meanwhile, information collected throughout the process can help social service providers better understand how and what services are needed in the community. Thus, they can plan a better development strategy to enhance their works.