Panoramic Video Processor (ART/216CP)

Panoramic Video Processor (ART/216CP)

  • Panoramic Video Processor (ART/216CP)
    06 / 06 / 2016 - 05 / 03 / 2018

    Dr Michelle Mi Suen LEE

    1) Panoramic video processing (PVP) algorithm description 2) Performance simulation models in C/Matlab 3) System functional specification of PVP FPGA board 4) Micro-architecture specifications of PVP functional modules 5) FPGA hardware implementation in hardware description language (Verilog) 6) Performance evaluation system and evaluation report a) FPGA prototyping board (3 sets) b) Panoramic video camera system for evaluation and demonstration (8 sets) •Input: no. of cameras: >=4; resolution: >1M pixels; frame rate: 30fps •Output: resolution: 3840x2160; frame rate: 30fps 7) Multiview rendering ASIC (CS deliverables for Marvel Digital Limited) a) Gate level netlist for structured ASIC implementation of multiview rendering b) Evaluation board for multiview rendering system with structured ASIC

    Mr Mark MOK
    Mr Yiu-kei LI
    Mr King Hung CHIU
    Mr Kenneth C. K. LO
    Mr Joe T. F. LAU
    Dr Luhong LIANG
    Dr Man Chi CHAN
    Mr Tim K. L. WONG
    Dr Yuzhong JIAO
    Mr Teddy H. Y. WONG
    Mr Darcy Q. Z. LI
    Mr Chung Shui CHOW
    Ms Xuejiao LIU
    Ms Shuan CAO
    Mr Chao SHI
    Mr Gary J.J. XIONG

    Marvel Digital Limited
    Marvel Digital Limited (Contract Service) [Sponsor]
    Marvel Digital Limited (Technology Licensing) [Sponsor]

    In this internet age, people are increasingly spending more time on their smartphones, tablets, and computers. In particular, demand for immersive visual content is expected to explode in 2016 upon the launch of several head-mounted displays by major players including Facebook, Sony, and Microsoft. Currently, there are only a handful of products for capturing 360 degree panoramic video, many requiring offline manual processing but yet only produce low resolution video with significant artefacts. In this project, novel algorithms and architecture will be developed for creating seamless 360 degree panoramic video with high dynamic range and uniform scene resolution from multiple cameras. The proposed algorithms will be implemented on FPGA platform, providing a hardware-accelerated solution for generating panoramic video in real-time. This project will produce a real-time solution for panoramic video processing. It would facilitate the wide scale adoption of immersive video, enabling new entertainment and advertising format and hence providing new growth opportunities for Hong Kong entertainment and media production industry. When applied to video surveillance and aerial inspection, it would deliver an efficient solution for securing national infrastructure and land resources. In the longer term, it could realize telepresence, transforming the tourism industry to be greener and more sustainable.