Digitalised Elderly Services Platform (ART/300CP)

Digitalised Elderly Services Platform (ART/300CP)

Digitalised Elderly Services Platform (ART/300CP)
11 / 02 / 2020 - 10 / 08 / 2021

Mr Fanky Yat-Fan YAU

In order to address the TR panel comments on 9 August 2019, Project deliverables (features) of the Digitalised Elderly Services Platform (DESP) are revised to focus more on the voucher users (VU) care, in the aims of enabling personalised AI recommendations for the elderlies with thorough monitoring and evaluation of outcomes from the platform. 1. Smart eForm Server for CCSV a. eForm system: The system will provide digital forms for the CCSV-related administration and reimbursement, namely Elderlies Assessments, CCSV service usage log, generate SWD reports, etc. An eForm timesheet will be logged in the system for attendance purpose. The system can be executed at the web browser under online environment or mobile application under online and offline environment. b. Connect RSP-Portal: The system connects with RSP-portal to update services provided in RSPs and exchange data (without personal data) with other parties, as well as get the service demand summary from RSP-portal. 2. RSP-portal for CCSV administration a. Portal design: The CCSV-related workflows will be designed and implemented with following features namely, RSP User Authentication, CCSV Assessment Forms Download, Get RSP Service Update, Exchange CCSV Usage Data, Provide CCSV service demand summary. ASTRI will provide an evaluation and recommendation report on various server options, such as government private cloud, multi-cloud, permit server, and consortium blockchain after trial in the real environment. b. Pilot trial in RSPs: Pilot trial will be conducted in collaborating RSPs. Feedback will be collected from the RSPs. Trial data (generated from sample data) without personal information will be further analysed in the trial environment for operation trial by RSPs. Data mapping automation shall be developed on the local storage in SWD and RSPs for data analysis and reporting trail. 3. SWD-exchange for CCSV a. Connect with RSP-portal: A system will be created for preparing CCSV information, get RSPs’ reports and reimbursement forms, and import analytic dashboard information. b. Data exchange with SWD: A data exchange method to allow SWD officers to download and import latest CCSV information, download and review RSPs’ reports and reimbursement forms, and export analytic dashboard information. 4. AI and Data analytics engine a. Data exploration and preparation: Trial data will be cleaned and organised for data analysis. Use cases will be defined for analytics and research. b. Implementation of data analysis: Data analysis models will be established based on deliverable item for future policy-making and research. c. Implementation of machine learning: Machine classification models will be established based on collected data for generating insights. 5. Voucher User (VU) Care (Added to address TR panel’s comments) a. VU-Care: A responsive Website will be created to enable intelligent search of RSPs service information, allow VU authentication and provide personalised service recommendation. b. Enhanced Voucher with QR code: Users can scan the voucher’s QR code (in mobile) to access the website and get latest RSPs service information, VU-Care (service recommendation), as well as place their service request. 6. Documentation deliverables: a. Project Implementation Plan b. User Requirements c. Architecture Design Specification d. System Design Manual e. Machine Learning models and algorithms f. System/Function Test Result with Performance Measurement Report g. System Operation/ Programming Guide h. System setup manual i. Training Manual j. Disaster Recovery Plan and Disaster Recovery Drill Report k. Security Incident Handling Procedure 7. Monitoring and Evaluation (Added to address TR panel’s comments) a. Views from the concerned parties including elderly service users and RSP staff will be collected through interviews or visits. b. Meetings will be conducted for monitoring the progress of development and trial run of DESP as well as ongoing rev

Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong
Social Welfare Department

In this project, we will develop a software platform, the Digital Elderly Service Platform (DESP), to streamline the administration process for the Phase Two Pilot Scheme of the Elderly Community Care Voucher (CCSV) program. This is a pioneer R&D project applied in elderlies care services in multi-organisation environment. The platform consists of a smart eForm server, an Recognised Service Provider (RSP) portal, and a recommendation engine with AI and data analytics tools. The system allows RSPs to operate conveniently with CCSV administration tasks in accordance to form/report submission and reimbursement procedures required by the Social Welfare Department. The RSP-portal supports data sharing and data transfer between the RSPs. The recommendation engine provides personalised service recommendations for voucher users (VUs), which enables VUs to identify appropriate services through AI-based recommendations and place specific service order. DESP also provides dashboard with data analytics and trend analysis. As a result, the DESP (1) enhances the administrative efficiency, (2) enables information exchange between the RSPs, (3) tracks trends of service demand for elderly and (4) enhances VUs personalise service care.