Swiss University Students learn About ASTRI, watch C-V2X Demo

Swiss University Students learn About ASTRI, watch C-V2X Demo

  • Over 30 students from different Swiss universities, accompanied by three professors, learnt about ASTRI’s R&D strategy, latest innovation projects, and viewed a detailed presentation on its Smart Mobility initiative on Tuesday, 4 July 2017. The session was part of a three-day entrepreneurial training under the ‘InnoKick Summer Academy @HKSTP’ hosted by Hong Kong Science Park.

    From ASTRI, Ms Eunice Cheng – Head of Public Affairs, Mr Iftekhar Hasan – Senior Manager Strategic Communications, and Mr Vincent Hou – Manager, Next Generation Network Solutions met the students at the Idea Lab in Science Park.

    Mr Hou presented an overview of ASTRI’s Smart Mobility initiative; and discussed the approach undertaken by the recently formed Smart Mobility Consortium where ASTRI partners with Hong Kong Telecom (HKT) and Huawei. The students watched a video recording of the consortium’s live demonstration at the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Asia-Pacific Forum 2017. At the Forum, ASTRI showcased a ‘connected car’ navigating through different traffic scenarios using Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technology.

    The presentation was followed by a lively interaction, with students asking many questions on ASTRI’s R&D projects, trends and challenges in Smart City development, and the overall technology scene of Greater China.


    Mr Patrick Albert (2nd from right of the front row), Professor Rectorate HES-SO, Ms Eunice Cheng (1st from right of the front row), Head of Public Affairs, ASTRI; Mr Iftekhar Hasan (2nd from left of the 2nd row), Senior Manager Strategic Communications, ASTRI; and Mr Vincent Hou (1st from left of the 2nd row), Manager, Next Generation Network Solutions, ASTRI; take photo together with attendees.