ASTRI’s technology expert shares cyber security insights at HKIB’s management technology seminar

ASTRI’s Principal Engineer Mr. Scott Tse was invited to be a panelist in today’s HKIB seminar “Addressing the HKMA’s requirements for Cyber Security Risk Management”. At the panel discussion, Mr. Tse explained the role and importance of application security testing. Using an analogy of body check, Mr. Tse said, “Hacking activities to applications are like virus infection to the human bodies. A comprehensive ‘body check’ can identify hidden bugs in the applications and calls for the strengthening of defence system against potential threats. A poorly conducted application testing would promote a false sense of security that increases rather than lowers risks. Banks should hire experienced testers to conduct thorough application security tests.”

The panel discussion also explored the general application testing model used in Hong Kong, provided suggestions to improve existing threat landscape and shared the best practices in terms of people, process and system.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-05 at 11.49.53 (R)

Mr. Scott Tse (2nd from right) explains the importance of application security testing.