ASTRI and Sunnada jointly demonstrate commercial LTE/LTE-A micro cell solution based on NXP B4860 SoC at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2016

(Hong Kong, 22 February 2016) Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), together with Fujian Sunnada Network Technology Co. Ltd., showcases a LTE-A micro cell solution at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.

The joint demonstration reveals a commercial LTE-A micro cell base station based on NXP B4860 SoC powered by ASTRI LTE/LTE-A PHY technologies. The display shows a complete end-to-end micro cell infrastructure with Sunnada’s commercial outdoor MIMO Remote Radio Unit (RRUs) connected through CPRI over optical fiber. In the demonstration, video server streams live video signals from the micro cell to a commercial UE.

ASTRI’s LTE/LTE-A PHY solution is optimized for NXP B4x processor platform. It supports up to 3 Carrier Aggregated (CA) Component Carriers (CC) with 400 active users and 1200 connected users per each sector. The solution configures up to 8 antennas with beamforming support. With the distributed antenna technology, ASTRI’s PHY solution can further support up to 64 distributed antennas to provide high user volume and high system capacity communications, suitable for indoor dense deployment in the public network. Moreover, ASTRI’s PHY solution is optimized for high mobility and high reliability, suitable for private network usages.

ASTRI has started its collaboration with Sunnada, the China-based wireless network equipment manufacturer and service provider, on commercial TD-LTE small cell and small cell gateway solutions since 2011. The TD-LTE small cells were especially developed for the China market and are ready for deployment test in the mainland and around the world. ASTRI will continue working closely with Sunnada in the joint development of 4G and 5G wireless communications technologies. In particular, ASTRI is actively working on the 5G Cloud-RAN network architecture. ASTRI’s PHY solution supports network virtualization with open-stack orchestration.

The demonstration is at Sunnada booth (Hall 5, Stand 5G70) at MWC Barcelona, 2016, being held at Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain, from 22 to 25 February 2016.

Key features on the ASTRI’s commercial LTE/LTE-A PHY solution

  • NXP B4x processors
  • 3GPP release 9 and release 10
  • TD-LTE and FDD LTE
  • 5, 10, 15, 20 MHz system bandwidth
  • Up to 3 sectors on B4860 SoC
  • Up to 8 transmit antennas per sector
  • Up to 4 receive antennas per sector
  • Number of users
    • 400 active users per sector
    • 1200 connected users per sector
    • 24 PUSCH/PDSCH per TTI
  • Throughput
    • 300Mbps DL throughput per sector
    • 150Mbps UL throughput per sector
  • Advanced features
    • Carrier Aggregation (CA)
    • UL SU-MIMO
    • High mobility, up to 350km/h
    • DL beamforming
    • Semi-persistent Scheduling (SPS) for VoLTE
    • Virtualization support for Cloud-RAN