ASTRI hosts blockchain seminar

ASTRI hosts blockchain seminar

  • ASTRI hosted a seminar titled The Inner Workings of a Blockchain today (17 August) at Hong Kong Science Park whereby the speaker Mr. Leonhard Weese, President of Bitcoin Association Hong Kong, shared note-worthy issues of blockchain with participants.  With bitcoin as an example, Mr. Weese explained how a blockchain verifies and distributes messages, allows its participants to keep the database consistent, and what else can be done with it. The seminar was a full-house event with the attendance of 90 participants.

    For details of the seminar, please click here to download Mr. Weese’s presentation file.

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    As a token of appreciation, ASTRI’s Vice-President, Financial Technologies Dr. Duncan Wong presents Mr. Weese a souvenir.

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    Mr. Wesse explains the working of a blockchain.

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    About 90 participants attend the seminar.