ASTRI Chairman and CEO discuss last decade’s work at ASTRI with journalists, and share glimpses of future plans

Over 20 journalists from Hong Kong-based print and electronic media took part in a briefing session by Mr Wong Ming-Yam, BBS, JP – ASTRI Chairman and Dr Frank Tong Fuk-kay – ASTRI CEO. The session was meant to facilitate exchange of opinions, insights and updates on what the Institute has achieved over the past decade and what the journey ahead looks like.


Mr Wong talked about ASTRI’s accomplishments over the past decade and cited the many successful R&D projects, industry collaborations, and technology transfers. ASTRI has successfully patented over 710 technologies and solutions in the US, Mainland China and other jurisdictions during this period. In the 12 months of 2016-2017, ASTRI had over 60 technologies transferred to different industries and was granted 59 new patents. Mr Wong reiterated the core purpose of ASTRI’s existence – to collaborate with different stakeholders across the industry value chain in Hong Kong and beyond, and to develop innovative technologies that enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and improve the livelihoods of people.


Dr Frank Tong discussed ASTRI’s initiatives in FinTech, Smart City and Next Generation Network with details about various projects. He summarised how, using the power of ICT, ASTRI is bolstering Hong Kong’s global and regional leadership by helping organisations in public and private sectors alike. He focused on Blockchain, Cybersecurity, big data analytics as well as Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing as the four pillars of ASTRI’s FinTech strategy. Citing examples like partnerships with the regulators including HKMA and Bank of Thailand; and major players like HSBC, Bank of China (Hong Kong); and academic institutions like the Chinese University of Hong Kong and University of Hong Kong, he discussed how ASTRI is helping to position the city as a premier, global FinTech hub. “With the right talent, adequate investment, and befitting infrastructure, Hong Kong can open a new chapter of growth and development through advanced applications of science and technology,” he suggested.


Dr Tong also talked about projects like smart parking and indoor navigation for ‘Energising East Kowloon’; and the recently launched smart mobility consortium where ASTRI partnered with HKT, Qualcomm and Huawei. Advanced communication technologies like 4G and 5G are being leveraged to support organisations in Hong Kong and the Mainland – collaborations with Hong Kong International Airport and Wuhan Metro are two such examples.


Talking about the future, Dr Tong identified FinTech, Smart City, and related advanced communication technologies as thrust areas for ASTRI for the next three years. At the heart of everything, he added, would be grooming and nurturing Hong Kong’s technology talents. Equally important, in his opinion, will be leveraging opportunities like Belt and Road and South China Greater Bay Area initiatives.


ASTRI’s R&D experts demonstrated practical applications using Blockchain, big data analytics, and smart mobility platform. Mr Wong and Dr Tong answered questions from the journalists and discussed different topics raised by the audience.



ASTRI Chairman Mr Wong Min-yam and CEO Dr Frank Tong take questions from the audience


ASTRI Chairman Mr Wong Min-yam talks about ASTRI’s past work and the road ahead


ASTRI CEO Dr Frank Tong introduces ASTRI’s initiatives to journalists


ASTRI CEO Dr Frank Tong speaks to the invited journalists



ASTRI’s Chairman, CEO attend the Media Luncheon