ASTRI and Intel demonstrate Virtualised Mobile Core and V2X Networking System in Mobile World Congress 2018

ASTRI is showcasing the latest technologies in Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Networking System in the Intel booth (Hall 3, Stand 3E31) at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.

1. Mobile Core/Edge on Next Generation Central Office (NGCO)

The demonstration in Intel’s booth showcases how ASTRI’s technologies in mobile core/edge network functions can be effectively deployed in the Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) architecture.

The NGCO is a three-tier virtualised architecture namely central office at edge, regional and central locations to host mobile and fixed network functions with simultaneous applications. The scalable architecture enables low-latency and delay-sensitive data to be forwarded and processed at the edge tier, while computational and data intensive operations are processed at the regional and central tiers.

ASTRI’s next generation mobile core (vEPC) and mobile edge (vMEC) software can be flexibly deployed in NGCO to support 4G and pre-5G core network capabilities, and can also be evolved to 5G. With Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and network acceleration hardware, ASTRI’s user plane function can deliver over 200Gbps throughput while leaving CPU headroom for applications processing on a single Intel architecture-based x86 server.

ASTRI’s configurable NFV orchestrator supports the network evolution towards an application-driven system architecture, which is an essential factor in the leap to 5G. ASTRI demonstrated how our V2X networking system as the connected-vehicle network slice works closely with edge and central office. It delivers significantly lower latency for time-critical events and also enables flexible scalability of V2X commercial deployments.

2. V2X Networking System for enabling Edge Applications & Autonomous Driving

In the V2X Networking System demonstration at Intel’s booth, ASTRI also demonstrates how its V2X Networking System can enable V2X edge applications and autonomous driving.

The end-to-end V2X system features include:

(1) V2X in-car processing unit: consists of gateway software and E-V2X communications module to facilitate information exchange between vehicles and infrastructure, decision making alerts, and autonomous driving integration;

(2) V2X algorithm at network edge for real-time road alerts and traffic management; and

(3) Centralised V2X cloud for large scale vehicle management and traffic data analytics.

ASTRI’s V2X in-car processing unit and algorithms at network edge ensures enhanced road safety through intelligent alerts for various unique situations such as: ‘V2V Do Not Pass’, ‘V2P Vulnerable Road User’, and ‘V2I Intersection Collision’ warnings. The system detects threats and can alert vehicle drivers and other individual road users in real time to avoid accidents. Through the coordination and policy provisioning of multiple V2X Road Side Units (RSU), road users can be altered of unexpected traffic conditions (e.g. traffic accident, congestion etc.) in affected areas with promptness. ASTRI’s V2X networking system is a key technology enabler for assisted driving and 5G autonomous driving.

The system prototype demonstrates the cost-effective deployment of edge processing servers by HPE Edgeline EL4000 Converged Edge Systems and Intel® Xeon® D Processors, and how they can scale out a V2X system, delivering high throughput and low-latency packet forwarding and processing capabilities.

The innovative design of V2X Networking System benefits equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Tier-1 suppliers and autonomous vehicle (AV) vendors in enabling V2X edge applications and see-through-enabled autonomous driving. It also benefits operators, service providers and equipment vendors by enabling commercial roll-out of scalable V2X, and provision of 5G services for their customers. It also enables city administrators and transport operators to implement real-time and intelligent traffic management, to ensure safer and more efficient traffic management.

ASTRI is demonstrating the NGCO and V2X technologies at Intel booth (Hall 3, Stand 3E31) at the MWC which is being held at Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain, from 26 February to 1 March 2018. ASTRI has been an Intel® Network Builders ecosystem partner since 2016. ASTRI and Intel published through this ecosystem, a solution brief and whitepaper on NFV for small cell networks, and whitepaper for C-RAN.