ASTRI and HKT Jointly Granted 2021 CAHK STAR Award “Best 5G Application” Bronze Award For C-V2X Solution

[Hong Kong, 9 December 2021] The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) and Hong Kong Telecom (HKT) have been jointly awarded the 2021 Communications Association of Hong Kong (CAHK) STAR Award “Best 5G Application” Bronze Award for their jointly developed cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) solution. ASTRI launched a 14km public road test on its C-V2X solution in Shatin this March. The road test leveraged HKT’s 5G technologies enabling ultra-low latency transmissions of real-time traffic information to lay an important foundation for Smart Mobility, while enhancing road safety and traffic efficiency.

Dr Denis Yip, CEO at ASTRI, commented: “ASTRI is an active participant in the HK SAR Government’s Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint 2.0. In particular, we have been promoting Smart Mobility by developing this C-V2X solution. I would like to express my appreciation for the R&D team’s tireless efforts and HKT’s close collaboration, which resulted in one of the world’s largest C-V2X public road tests. We will continue to help enhance citizens’ experience in all areas of life through technological innovations.”

Mr. Tom Chan, Managing Director of Commercial Group, HKT, said, “Backing up C-V2X with 5G technology, we have achieved an important milestone for Hong Kong, helping it to become a smart city and with smart mobility.  The collaboration will definitely help to improve transportation efficiency, reduce traffic accidents, alleviate congestion and further improve road safety. Our goal is for citizens to feel the benefits brought by smart city developments and innovative technologies in their daily lives.”

Dr Justin Chuang, Vice President, Communications Technologies at ASTRI, noted that ASTRI has been striving to advance C-V2X technologies, and is now actively preparing to develop a Connected Autonomous Vehicle system. He said, “We are planning to combine C-V2X and autonomous driving technologies to assist autonomous vehicles in detecting hidden dangers for improving road safety, paving the way for the popularisation of autonomous driving.”

ASTRI developed the C-V2X system with support from the Innovation and Technology Commission and the Transport Department. The system makes possible real-time communication between vehicles and pedestrians, road-side infrastructure, networks and other vehicles. Road condition information and warnings can be generated instantly to provide drivers with alerts, thereby enhancing road safety and assisting in better driving. C-V2X technology can also be applied to real-time traffic monitoring, incident management, and route planning to improve efficiency in these areas. 

The C-V2X road test in Shatin leveraged HKT’s 5G Standalone (SA) network to ensure the highly reliable transmission of real-time traffic information, due to 5G’s super low latency. Critical applications in the system requiring these features include forward collision warnings as well as blind spot and lane change warnings. This was the first time that C-V2X and 5G SA technology had been used for a vertical industry application, and the trial was a success.

In addition to the smooth completion of the first phase of the C-V2X road test in Shatin, the perceptive technology and high-precision positioning technology developed by ASTRI for C-V2X has also been licenced to an ASTRI partner and made available for deployment in several cities.


Dr Denis Yip (middle) and Dr Henry Wong, Head of Wireless Strategic Development, Commercial Group, HKT (left), receive the 2021 CAHK STAR Award “Best 5G Application” Bronze Award at the award presentation ceremony held yesterday.