2017 Summer Interns celebrate six-week-long ‘Life@ASTRI’ experience

The graduation ceremony for ASTRI’s 2017 summer internship programme took place on Monday, 24 July 2017. Over 30 graduating interns, from local as well as overseas tertiary educational institutions, celebrated the completion of their summer internship. The six-week programme provided the students with practical exposure to various parts of ASTRI’s operations most notably in our five R&D focus areas: Financial Technologies, Smart City, Next Generation Network, Intelligent Manufacturing and Health Technologies. In addition, some of the interns worked on other initiatives covering various support functions and departments. The learning journey entailed real-life projects, on-the-job coaching, and hands-on exposure to ‘Life@ASTRI’ in general.


As these interns go back to their schools, they take along the valuable experience, as well as fond memories to be cherished as ASTRI’s brand ambassadors. We hope that some, if not many, of these students will aspire to join our team after their graduation.


Summer interns share their happy moment together