Open 5G Innovation Platform

This project is one of ASTRI’s many Next Generation Network (NGN) initiatives. It aims to develop an Open 5G Innovation Platform (5GIP) that will accomplish the following:


(1) Demonstrate the business potential and technological viability of ASTRI’s 5G technologies to the industry for commercialisation;
(2) Enable end-to-end solutions by working with eco-system partners for integration and inter-operability testing of 5G applications in a real network environment; and
(3) Incubate and inspire design innovations in Hong Kong – for instance, to support different ongoing initiatives in the SAR such as the ‘Smart City Innovation Centre’ in Hong Kong Science Park.


5GIP will focus on the software-configurability of the network through the integration of technologies and products, from ASTRI and 3rd parties. It will develop network orchestration and network slicing features. 5GIP will be an integral part of ASTRI’s NGN initiative – supporting sustained innovation and successful commercialisation.

ASTRI has been a pioneer in developing LTE/4G technologies – earning it the recognition as one of the leaders in this sector. ASTRI strives to research, develop and commercialise leading-edge 5G technologies to provide innovative and value-added applications and services. This project will deliver an advanced 5G network environment to support collaboration between ASTRI and the local community for developing innovative and competitive products. In addition, this platform will help to advance the technical capability and competitiveness of the communications industry in Hong Kong, the Mainland and beyond.