Cyber-Physical Systems

CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems) defined as the future generations of embedded ICT systems deeply connected between the information world and the physical world opens up a wide range of innovative applications and service in the domains of automotive, aerospace, health and energy as well as smart city. In the Fourth Industry Revolution, Industry 4.0, CPS is fundamentally changing the landscape of the manufacturing industry since that would require the evolution and even disruption in the process of how systems of systems should be architected and built.

CPS CCG focuses particularly on Virtual Prototyping, which deploys Model-Based Systems
Engineering (MBSE) principle for supporting the system-level design and emulation of the
complex system dynamics and the evaluation of the overall system performance prior to
constructing any physical prototypes in order to reduce design iterations and optimise for
higher levels of performance and reliability. New applications developed in CPS will have an
impact throughout the value chain from system technologies to developers and operators.

Featured Projects

  • Collaborative Automator Systems
  • Model-Based Design of Automator
  • System-Level Virtual Prototyping of Embedded Systems
  • Model-based System Architecture Synthesis for Embedded Systems