Cyber Intelligence Sharing Platform

  • The group developed a Cyber Intelligence Sharing Platform for the banking industry in Hong Kong where data, information, and intelligence related to cyber-threats provided by the contributing authorised users of the Platform can be collected, compiled, and shared among other authorised users. The purpose of the Platform is to enable timely information sharing to allow spontaneous and appropriate precautionary measures to be taken in combating cyber-attacks.

    To cope with ever changing cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure and financial stability of Hong Kong, the development of this Cyber Intelligence Sharing Platform lays the foundation for cybersecurity intelligence exchange among critical infrastructure entities e.g. the financial industry, public utilities, and IT infrastructure organisations. It will be a core enabler of cybersecurity intelligence exchange between banks or even the entire critical IT infrastructure of Hong Kong. The system is crucial in supporting trusted cybersecurity intelligence exchange among banks and, in future, can be extended to support other sectors and stakeholders.



  • Blockchain (a.k.a. Distributed Ledger Technology) is a software platform which uses advanced cryptographic techniques and peer-to-peer networks to enable the creation of secure, collaborative and trustworthy applications in a cost-effective and reliable fashion. This technology has strong significance to various applications such as crypto-currency and payment systems, digital rights management, and health records management. It is considered a disruptive Financial Technology (FinTech) that can potentially disintermediate some expensive overheads in legacy financial computer systems and also promote automation and digitasation. Our Blockchain Core Competence Group consists of world-class cryptographers, software, network and system engineers, seasoned front-end engineers as well as UI/UX designers. We develop cutting-edge Blockchain systems and applications, and have rich experience in developing (permissioned and permissionless) applications on major distributed ledger platforms such as Bitcoin, Monax, Corda, Ethereum and Hyperledger, etc.

    Focus areas

    Blockchain protocol stack

    Besides pursuing active R&D in our own Blockchain protocol stack, we also have testbeds covering major Blockchain protocols to conduct rigorous security assessment, performance analytics, prototyping, and rapid deployment for financial institutions.

    Consensus algorithms enhancement

    Continuous R&D efforts are being put in to analyse and enhance Blockchain consensus mechanisms that operate specific permissioned and permissionless Blockchain application logics.

    Blockchain technology security

    Our R&D activities also focus on enhancing the security of Blockchain peer-to-peer networks and consensus mechanisms. With joint efforts from ASTRI Security Lab, we provide security assessment and consultancy services to financial institutions on their Blockchain application architecture and security.


    Property Valuation Blockchain Application

    Within the scope of the mortgage loan application process, ASTRI was chosen by Bank of China (Hong Kong) to develop a Property Valuation Blockchain System, which provides a more secure and efficient way to digitises the process of property valuation in the lengthy mortgage loan application process.

    The System significantly simplified the entire property valuation process, and thereby led to a sizeable reduction in the process’s operating cost. Besides supporting multiple appraisers, the system has the potential of to be rolled out across many other banks, and more importantly, can subsequently be extended to cover other aspects of the mortgage loan application system. It can enhance productivity, reduce operating cost, improve security and, at the same time, improve user experience.


    Project Obsidian – a DLT-based Trade Finance System

    Project Obsidian is a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) based trade finance system. It is developed by ASTRI in collaboration with Hong Kong Monetary Authority, HSBC, the Bank of China (Hong Kong), Standard Chartered Bank, the Hang Seng Bank, Bank of East Asia and Tradelink.

    Building upon the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Project Obsidian has a great potential to effectively simplify the existing cumbersome paper-based trade finance operations. The system can also provide a real-time visibility that prevents double financing fault among the participating financial institutes.


    ASTRI-HKMA Distributed Ledger Technology White Paper

    Commissioned by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, ASTRI published a white paper in November 2016 to provide guidance and directions to the banking industry and other sectors on the application of the distributed ledger technology. Along with the white paper, ASTRI developed a series of Proof-of-Concepts (PoCs) and experimented with the PoCs for acquiring the first-hand hands-on experience of the particular blockchain applications developed in the PoCs. The detailed treatment of the PoCs, findings as well as our experience learnt has been shared in the paper for benefiting all the stakeholders.



    Multimedia Systems and Analytics

  • Multimedia Systems and Analytics Team is a team of dynamic, technology-driven software and system engineers and multimedia processing professionals committed to develop state-of-the-art software platforms for the ICT industry.

    R&D Direction

    The core competence and technologies of the team include full stack software design, development and optimisation, embedded Operating System customisation, multimedia streaming, sensor fusion and camera vision, machine learning, as well as multimedia and information analytic in both embedded and server environments. Our strength is to seamlessly assemble the above assets to provide nearly turn-key solutions to fulfill our customers’ needs. Our reliable, scalable and high-performance software solutions help customers build unique, competitive and high-quality innovative products and accelerate their time to market.

    Technology Highlights

    Our software systems and solutions are licensed and utilised in a broad range of vertical applications and industry segments, such as infotainment, medical, surveillance, etc. The innovative projects we have been working on include:

    Intelligent Distributed Mobile Computing – OS Technology

    Our cutting-edge head-mounted display (HMD) system is designed for the infotainment segment by combining our sensor fusion, machine learning, image processing and OS optimisation technologies to enable immersive virtual reality experience, tailored for gaming, e-shopping, e-touring applications.


    GPGPU and Heterogeneous Computing Technology

    Leveraging the CPU and GPU optimisation techniques, smart camera systems with Image Signal Processing (ISP) capability is developed. Applications including a 360-degree view angle enterprise grade surveillance camera, and a panoramic video capturing and streaming unit are developed. On the other hand, a Personal Computer (PC) replacement solution is built on Android platform, which supports multiple window display. It is achieved by in-depth modification of the Android’s windowing and application stacks.

    193_fisheye_cam multi window operation

    Medical Grade Handheld Video Laryngoscope and Endoscope

    Bringing together the multimedia streaming technology, OS optimisation and customisation techniques, as well as image analytic technology, we are developing medical grade handheld video laryngoscopy and endoscopy devices, which support real-time and synchronised local and remote visual diagnostic and data analytic applications.



  • Major activities in ASTRI Security Lab (ASL), CyberSecurity and Analytics (CSA) and Advanced Crypto System (ACS)

    Cyber-security Intelligence Sharing

    • Cyber-security news and discovery sharing to Cyber intelligence Sharing Platform

    Professional Services

    • Advanced security assessment, third party review and security consultancy for the industries.
    • Security professional training with Hong Kong Institute of Bankers.
    • Talent development with universities and education bodies

    Technology Development

    • Develop new cyber-security solutions with big data analytics, machine learning and advanced cryptographic technologies.


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    Networking Software Development Machine Learning
    Cryptography Biometrics Software Quality