• ASTRI Security Lab (ASL)


    R&D Directions

    • Network Security – cyber-threat assessment
    • Encryption Technologies – cloud security
    • Cyber-security Information Sharing – ASLintel
    • Cyber-security Research and Training Platform – Cyber Range



    Establish in Hong Kong, a world-class information security R&D team, which:

    • provides advanced security assessment, consultancy, and review services
    • nurtures local information security experts and practitioners
    • develops new and advanced information security and encryption technologies
    • develops platforms and systems for enhancing the security and privacy of Hong Kong’s IT and financial infrastructures


    Opening Ceremony 5 May 2015


    Current Functions


    Cyber-security Intelligence Sharing

    • Cyber-security news and discovery sharing via ASLintel.

    Technical Services

    • Advanced security assessment, review and consultancy services for financial institutes.

    Technology Development

    • Develop new cyber-security solutions and cryptographic technologies and systems.

    Unique Team

    Our engineers

    Network Engineers Software Developers Penetration Testers
    Cryptographers Ethical Hackers Mobile Kernel Engineers (Embedded System)
    Wireless/Cellular Engineers Biometric algorithm scientists Quality Assurance and Verification Engineers

    Cyber Security 1

    Reverse Engineering Team

    Unique Team + Unique Members

    • Response to ever-changing cyber-attacks
    • Invent new cyber-attack/defense methods
    • Research on unknown security threats
    • Develop new technologies for security and encryption products
    • Connect and collaborate security professionals in HK industries


    Cyber Security Research & Practice Platform for Financial Services

    A world-class Cyber Attack/Defense Training Facility

    • Action-based practical training vs theory based
    • Red/Blue team cyber-attack/defense simulation
    • Automatic analysis of war tactics
    • Fast deployment of new courses and cyber-attack simulations
    • Non-vendor specific



    1. ASLintel platform for financial services

      • Cyber-attack investigation and dissemination
      • Regular seminars / workshops / conferences
      • Platform development, enhancement and operation
    2. CyberRange research & practice platform

      • Platform development and enhancement
      • Cyber-crime case simulation and research
      • Training
    3. CryptoProducts cyber-security core technologies

      • Web-based encryption modules
      • Searchable encryption engine
      • Client-side encrypted cloud storage solutions
      • Software security