Intelligent Media Analytics System for Financial Institutions (ART/262CP)

Intelligent Media Analytics System for Financial Institutions (ART/262CP)

Intelligent Media Analytics System for Financial Institutions (ART/262CP)
19 / 12 / 2018 - 18 / 03 / 2020

Dr Tao YU

An intelligent media data analytics framework with advanced analytics methods that collects, manages, analyzes and presents the social media data specifically serving the financial institutions requirements. It contains following modules: 1. Template based data collector to get social media data from different channels, such as news website, forums, facebook, twitter, etc; 2. Real time data acquisition, processing and storage; 3. Unified data repository for data storage, management and query; 4. Data search and query APIs make modelled data available to customer for additional analysis; 5. Advanced analytics algorithms for serving specific financial sector requirements using up-to-date NLP, machine learning, deep learning technologies  Information extraction from complex text based on domain knowledge and context relevance  Methods for users to develop their own domain-specific dictionaries  Customizable media analytics modules: sentiment analysis, hot topic detection, etc. to support a variety of business needs 6. Configurable dashboard for serving different application requirements; 7. Integration test and customer site deployment; 8. Documentation (design, API, user manual). Contract service deliverables: 9 .a) Sentiment analysis for company product monitoring (CS1) ; 9. b) Hot topic detection for market trend catching (CS1) ; 9. c) Corporate news analysis for risk management (CS1); 9. d) Technical report on applying deep learning for risk assessment adjustment for the financial/ banking industry, which can be used to help more banks in future (attachment 8) (CS1)

AsiaPac Net Media Limited (Contract Service) [Sponsor]
AsiaPac Net Media Limited (Technical Licensing) [Sponsor]
Jin Peng Technology International Ltd [Sponsor]

Social media has become an important part for an organization’s business planning, affecting areas such as marketing, customer relation, risk monitoring etc. This project aims to deliver an end-to-end real time media data analytics platform, as well as several advanced analytics algorithms based on up-to-date NLP, machine learning, deep learning technologies to help companies better utilize media data to enhance their business operations.

The key features of the system include:
1. Flexible data collector that can be easily extended for new data sources;
2. Allow user to develop their own media data analytic capability;
3. Support different kinds of queries/analytics;
4. Domain-specific content analytics focusing on financial industry.