Distributed ID Management System (ART/238CP)

Distributed ID Management System (ART/238CP)

Distributed ID Management System (ART/238CP)
01 / 08 / 2017 - 30 / 04 / 2019


1. Smartphone secure compartment 2. Smart card applet for authentication 3. Distributed ledger platform with authentication and access control 4. Smartphone and PC application for identity management access 5. Digital Rights Management application based on DLT platform (CS deliverable for customer 1) 6. Pilot test of the Distributed Identity Management system for identity verification

HiSilicon Technologies Co. Ltd
Marvel Digital Limited

The project aims to develop a distributed identity management for financial, business, and government operations. It provides a mechanism that allows various organizations to cooperatively contribute, share, and manage user identity information. By using DLT (distributed ledger technology), the system provides a record sharing system in which the identity information are permanently stored in distributed locations for data reliability and accessibility. The project also aims to develop platform implementations that are then applied to the current operations of the sponsors in their respective business operations, e.g. digital rights management system.