ASTRI wins award by making good use of online platform to recruit global talents

[Hong Kong, 30 December 2020] The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) has scooped a “Top Talent Team” Award from professional recruitment platform, LinkedIn. ASTRI recruits local as well as global professionals as it conducts innovative applied technology research projects, solve problems for the industry and improve the quality of life in Hong Kong.

Mr Hugh Chow, ASTRI’s Chief Executive Officer, said “Every research institute in the world is vying to hire outstanding innovative and technology professionals. ASTRI’s Talent Acquisition Team has been working tirelessly to identify and hire talents across the globe. People are the most important asset of ASTRI and, with these world class professionals, we are able to carry out cutting-edge research projects in a sustainable manner.”

Ms San Lee, Head of ASTRI’s Talent Acquisition, was delighted with the award which she believed was also a recognition to ASTRI’s talent recruitment strategies. “Over the years, ASTRI has achieved outstanding results in applied technology research, with more than 850 patents and numerous local and international awards. These achievements are only possible with the outstanding researchers that we have so we attach great importance to recruiting, retaining and cultivating talents,” Ms Lee said, adding that her team will continue to keep abreast of the latest recruitment trends and formulate effective strategies to bring in technology experts.

ASTRI recruits through multiple channels, including various online platforms, introducing ASTRI’s mission and job opportunities to professionals around the world, and inviting them to follow ASTRI’s social platforms with a view to getting them familiarised with the company.

ASTRI was founded by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2000 with the mission of enhancing Hong Kong’s competitiveness in technology-based industries through applied research. It focuses on five areas of application: Smart City; Financial Technologies; Intelligent Manufacturing; Health Technologies; and Application Specific Integrated Circuits.

ASTRI brings together the finest minds from all over the world: about half of ASTRI’s researchers have master’s degree qualifications or above and about a quarter have a doctoral degree. Besides, ASTRI has successfully attracted people with lofty ideals to join, cooperate and exchange with talents coming from a diverse background, in hopes of developing new technologies and formulating technological solutions.

ASTRI is committed to developing talent in the I&T sector. In September, ASTRI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of Hong Kong (HKU) to develop the Technology Oriented Practitioner (TOP) programme, a Work-Study Scheme for first-year students enrolled on the MSc programme in FinTech and Data Analytics at HKU, with ASTRI providing paid full-time employment for up to 30 students for a nine-month period and assigning them to one of ASTRI’s many ongoing FinTech projects. Working with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, ASTRI launched the FinTech Career Accelerator Scheme in 2016, aiming to cultivate the future talent necessary to sustain Hong Kong’s banking, finance and business services, as well as preserving our city’s competitiveness as an international finance hub. Students receive an internship at financial institutions or technology companies and in the past four years, more than 500 have taken part. This year, the HKMA received more than 1,400 applications, nearly twice as many as last year.

Also in September this year, ASTRI launched its Graduate Programme 2020, providing full-time employment to graduates and an opportunity to work closely with its award-winning researchers. ASTRI also offers a three-month blockchain accelerator programme, in partnership with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and Molecular Hub, as well as summer internships, which took in 42 students from 15 universities across the world in 2020.

LinkedIn presented the “Top Talent Team” award to ASTRI at its annual awards ceremony, commending ASTRI for introducing themselves professionally on the platform, and efficiently using its account to acquire talents and communicate with them.

Members of the ASTRI’s Talent Acquisition team include Ms San Lee, Ms Sarah Hun, Ms Jennifer Leung, Mr Patrick Wong, Ms Polly Pang, Mr Daniel Lam and Mr Matthew Chang.



Photo_001: ASTRI’s Talent Acquisition Team was awarded the 2020 “Top Talent Team” Award by LinkedIn.