ASTRI showcases cutting-edge 5G technologies at PT EXPO China 2020 in Beijing

[Hong Kong, 15 October 2020] The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) showcases a portfolio of its cutting-edge 5G technologies at the PT EXPO China 2020 in Beijing from 14-16 October.


Adopting the theme of “Promote 5G for an Intelligent Future”, ASTRI demonstrates its technologies and innovations that enhance the competitive strength of enterprises in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and around the world. These technologies include:


  •  5G O-RAN Solution
  •  Industrial IoT applications
  •  5G OpenUPF
  •  Ground-breaking Terabit 5G Standalone Core Network
  •  AR Intelligent Maintenance
  •  IoT Blockchain
  •  5G Smart Mobility solution


ASTRI Chief Executive Officer Hugh Chow said: “Our technology and our innovation must always serve a practical need in society. We are delighted to have the opportunity to showcase so many of these ground-breaking success stories in one place, allowing us to truly demonstrate how wide-ranging and impactful our work is.”


The PT EXPO China 2020 is hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is one of Asia’s largest and most influential Information and Communications Technology (ICT) events, exploring the impact of next-generation technologies across a variety of industries, as well as trends in the market. Last year, the event had more than 81,000 attendees and hosted over 400 exhibitors.


Dr Justin Chuang, Vice-President, Communications Technologies at ASTRI, said: “Our 5G network solution is fully compliant with 3GPP standard and low-cost. It can realise new application scenarios including private networks, Internet of Vehicles, industrial Internet and mobile phone OS cloudification etc., bringing 5G into the market quickly with valued services”.

ASTRI’s 5G O-RAN Solution is an end-to-end 5G network solution, which complies with 3GPP standards and, through its flexibility, low cost and ease of deployment, removes a traditional cost barrier to the industry looking to make the most of the 5G network. Our Industrial IoT applications include the development of simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) and robot navigation software running over a 5G network with industrial AGVs.


China Mobile’s 5G OpenUPF (User Plane Function) will enable open and flexible 5G deployment in network edge and drive vertical applications. ASTRI is one of the first members to have joined the OpenUPF initiative.


Intel and ASTRI have been working closely in 5G technology development, including 5G core network, O-RAN development, 5G OpenUPF, and V2X infrastructure technology. They have worked together to optimise software and hardware to enable scalable 5G UPF. They also combined to deliver a ground-breaking performance of more than 1Tbps 5G UPF data throughput earlier in 2020.


CITIC Telecom CPC and ASTRI have introduced a jointly developed AR Intelligent Maintenance solution, designed to transform field engineers’ operations and maintenance processes. ASTRI has also developed an innovative IoT Blockchain platform that can securely monetise and strategically exploit enormous amounts of IoT data in real-time.


Lenovo (Beijing) Limited and ASTRI jointly demonstrate a 5G Smart Mobility solution that combines with ultra-low latency C-V2X communication and 5G edge intelligence to improve road safety and traffic efficiency. 




The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) was founded by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2000 with the mission of enhancing Hong Kong’s competitiveness in technology-based industries through applied research. ASTRI’s core R&D competence in various areas is grouped under five Technology Divisions; Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics; Communications; Cybersecurity, Cryptography and Trusted Technologies; Integrated Circuits and Systems; and IoT and Sensors. It focuses on five areas of application including: Smart City; Financial Technologies; Intelligent Manufacturing; Health Technologies; and Application Specific Integrated Circuits.

Over the years, ASTRI has nurtured a pool of research, I&T talents and received numerous international awards for its pioneering innovations as well as outstanding business and community contributions. To date, ASTRI has transferred more than 750 technologies to the industries and owns more than 850 patents in the Mainland, the US and other countries.

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ASTRI demonstrates its technologies and innovations including IoT Blockchain at the PT EXPO China 2020.
ASTRI staff members introduce ASTRI’s cutting-edge 5G technologies to visitors of the PT EXPO China 2020.