ASTRI Fully Supports and Facilitates the 2022 Policy Address Start a New Chapter for Innovation and Technology by Focusing on Attracting Global Talents and Developing the Strategic Technology Industry

[Hong Kong, 19 October 2022] Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) fully supports and facilitates the Chief Executive’s 2022 Policy Address, strongly believes that the measures of promoting I&T in Hong Kong and GBA, launching Top Talent Pass Scheme, relaxing the Talent Admission Scheme, earmarking $10 billion to launch the “Research, Academic and Industry Sectors One‑plus Scheme” (RAISe+ Scheme), broadening the talent admission schemes, increasing the cumulative number of smart production lines etc. will benefit the overall development of I&T ecosystem fully covering upper-middle-down stream, enable Hong Kong to leverage its strength in a long run and establish itself as international I&T center.

Chairman of ASTRI’s Board of Directors Ir Sunny Lee Wai-kwong said, it’s pleased and encouraging to know that the government determines to support and promote the development of innovation and technology, and places focus on “vigorously promote I&T sector by establishing the Office for Attracting Strategic Enterprises (OASES), setting a task of attracting high‑potential and representative strategic enterprises around the globe, particularly those from industries of strategic importance, such as artificial intelligence and data science, financial technology (Fintech), advanced manufacturing and new energy technology and life and health technology etc. In particular, the government develops user‑friendly and practical legal guides and tools for I&T, financial services, arts, cultural and creative industries etc. Furthermore, the government facilitates the industries in respect of talents, land, investment and standards verification. In fact, as I&T industry in Hong Kong has achieved significant outcomes in recent years, I&T has evolved to a new development model, rather than an isolated industry, creating unique competitiveness for Hong Kong. The new package of measures will further strengthen the platform that connects Government, Research, Academic and Industry Sectors and enforce the interaction and communication among them. They will also deepen the collaboration in I&T between Hong Kong and the Mainland, proactively dovetail with integration into National Development.

Dr. Denis YIP, Chief Executive Officer of ASTRI said, as one of the members of I&T sector in Hong Kong, ASTRI is dedicated to nurturing and retaining talents, as we fully realize that they are the only impetus to maintain the competitiveness of Hong Kong. “We welcome and support the Policy Address, in which the government announces to launch a series of measures in respective of talent acquisition at a right moment, including the Top Talent Pass Scheme, broadening the talent admission schemes, development of a new InnoCell near Science Park, establishing the Talents Service Unit dedicated to formulating strategies to recruit talents from the Mainland and overseas and co‑ordinating relevant work, as well as providing one‑stop support for incoming talents. All the efforts definitely will enlarge the I&T talent pool by attracting the top‑notch talents from all over the world to Hong Kong. The development of I&T can bring new industries and create wealth for community, which in return can help more young generation to build their own business and bring out their best capability. By pooling talents, the industrialization can continuously increase the overall competitiveness of Hong Kong and accelerate its transformation towards smart city, ultimately aiming to promote Hong Kong as an international centre for I&T.”

Innovation and technology is the powerful momentum driving the development of the world and the advancement of human civilization. The new Policy Address emphasizes on the principals of “Be Result‑Oriented” and “Do real effective initiatives” by formulating specific implementation policies. ASTRI will continue to be well-positioned to cooperate with the initiatives for I&T development promoted by the Hong Kong government in the next five to ten years, being committed to optimizing I&T ecosystem and coordinating the mutual development of upper-middle-down stream, implementing technology industrialization, and promoting the commercialization of Hong Kong’s scientific research results.